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I know there was a recent post about the morning routine but can you talk to me bout the night time. Right now DH picks up DS from daycare at 3:45 and gets home at about 4:30. I think if DS stayed up from the time he got home until bed at 7 or 8ish he would get overtired and be hard to put down. So DH has been putting him down for a nap when he gets home but the problem is DS thinks this is bedtime and we have been having to wake him up to give him a bottle /bath. Te doctor said it is not good to have him go down to bed at 5 since it could mess up the rest of his daytime sleep. Thoughts or ideas? 

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  • What are his naps at daycare like? My daughter takes two short morning naps and a long afternoon nap. She wakes up from her afternoon nap at 4 and I pick her up at 4:30. She is awake until bedtime, which is 6:30 7:00. Maybe talk to daycare about scheduling his naps so he wakes up right before your husband picks him up? I would also try making his bedtime earlier. My daughter is definetly ready to go down by 6:30ish. Good luck!

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  • I have this exact same problem.  Early on, even before we started at daycare, LO established his bedtime as early.  We started around 7 when he was younger but then it kept getting earlier and earlier.  For a while, he STTN from 6-6ish he (is currently not sleeping well at all....wakes at 10, 12, 3, 5, up for day at 630).  Now in daycare he can't even stay up till 5:30 and takes terrible naps.  Most days we pick him up at 4ish and he's been up since noon!  So most nights we start his bath and routine at 5:30 and he is asleep by 6. We also have tried an evening nap and he slept right through thinking it was bedtime. It feels so cruel to keep him up past when he wants to sleep and he sleeps even worse the times I have tried. 

    I am starting sleep training soon.  From what I have read so far you can do a couple things. Slowly in like 10-15 min increments back up the bedtime. Adjust any day time naps or feedings later to shift the entire day (my lo doesn't have consistent enough nap or feeding times for this to make sense for us).  I also saw doing the short evening nap suggestion, but it didn't talk about waking up for bottle and bath or how to address if they try to sleep through and not treat it as a nap. 

    Long story short, I don't think I am helping much here, but I am SO with you.

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  • DS takes his last nap between 3 and 4, he's up by 4:30 and awake until bedtime around 7, although he typically gets cranky around 6/6:15 and I start bath at 6:30.  When I go back to work DS will be just about 6 months and I'll be picking him up at 2:30, I assume he'll go to sleep in the car and that will be the last nap for the day.
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  • It is only his 4th day so he is still not on a regular nap schedule. Today they did put him down for a nap and he woke up right when DH got there so maybe you are right if I move his bedtime earlier than we wouldn't put him down for that last nap
  • LO usually falls asleep in the car on the way home, so she gets a 15 min catnap at 5pm. Then bedtime starts at 7, asleep by 7:30.

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  • We do a nap around that time.  It's only for around 30 minutes, and never in the bed.  It's usually on the couch with me or in the swing.
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  • I think tonight I might try moving his bedtime up to 6:30 and skipping that last nap. We will see what happens. At this point I feel like so much of it is trial and error
  • We get DD home from daycare around 5:15 and she usually goes down for a nap when we get home. She is sometimes awake until 6:00 or 6:30 and then is ready for a nap but I end up getting her up again around 7:00-7:30 so shse can have a bottle and be away for awhile longer, then she STTN, I know for my LO she needs to get back up or she wont STTN.
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  • I pick up LO at 5:15 and he sleeps in the carseat until we get home and I'll let him sleep there until he wakes or 6:30, whichever is first. Then I nurse him and have him play or sit with us at dinner until 8pm when bedtime starts. He only naps for 20-30 minutes at a time at daycare and STTN now.
  • When I used to work and have LO in daycare I would keep him up until his bedtime. He was overtired but eventually got used to his new schedule. I would pick him up at 4 pm and get home by 4:45. Then would give him dinner around 6 and bedtime routine at 7. As long as you have a bedtime routine, he will know it's time for bed. Ours is: bath time, read a book, and last bottle. Hope this helps. =)
  • I know sleep training works but sometimes I think we are over analyzing everything. Years ago, what did they do with babies? I'm sure we weren't sleep trained lol.
  • L usually takes crappy naps at daycare, so when we get home she usually naps. Sometimes it's for 30 min, sometimes it's for several hours. Usually we can stick to the normal routine. Takes a nap between 6-7, up for a feeding, bath time at 8 and asleep by 8:30. I personally think if she could make it until 7 after DC then we could start the routine earlier. But her naps are too crappy to keep her up and risk an over tired baby.

    Lillian April 17, 2012
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