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I have been talking to friends and reading Baby Bargains and both recommend going with an infant carrier and then registering for one of the basic snap and go strollers rather than doing the big travel system because the strollers that come with most of those are low quality. I am very active so they also recommend getting a jogging or all terrain stroller and then one of the cheaper umbrella strollers for when the baby outgrows the carrier.

 Anyone out there have suggestions/recommendations?

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Re: Stroller Advice

  • I really dislike strollers.  We rarely use them - only if we're talking a long walk around the neighborhood and then I like to use the jogging stroller because it's so easy to push.  The travel systems that have the infant seat attach are junk (at least my Evenflo was).  Don't waste your money on one of those. 

    I keep an umbrella stroller in my trunk and use that if we're out in public and DD needs to sit.  But for the most part I just wear my babies.  It's easier and keeps my hands free.

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  • My splurge for baby #1 was a stroller.  I got an UppaBaby and bought the infant seat adapter.  I love the way it handles and the large basket.  I went really cheap on an umbrella stroller.
  • I would definitely avoid travel systems as the strollers are usually bulky and don't push nicely. I think the suggestions your friends had were great.

    I have a Phil and Ted's, which is basically an all terrain/jogging stroller and has an optional extra second seat you can pop on for a second kid (we were in Manhattan, so it was great for bringing DD1 and my neighbor to the playground before they could both walk then later for my two kids). I absolutely love it. You can buy carseat adapters to use it with a carseat (and then skip the snap n go), although it also lays flat so a newborn can use it without the carseat (my kids hated the infant seat, so we never used it outside the car really). There are other seats with the optional second seat out now that are also supposed to be great.

    As far as umbrella strollers, it depends on how much you want to spend. MacLaren strollers are fantastic, but pricey. Chicco ones are cheaper and still great. I personally have worn out 2 cheapie umbrellas, so still cheaper than getting an expensive one and works for me.

    If you want something akin to an umbrella as far as being lightweight and easy to toss in the trunk and you envision using the infant seat as a carrier then a  snap n go is great. I never had one but know a lot of people who love them.

    I didn't use strollers a ton when my kids were little, but I have large kids who got to heavy for me to comfortably wear in a sling/wrap much earlier than other kids (maybe I'm just a weakling too) so  a good stroller is definitely a lifeline for me for the first 2-2.5 years.

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  • That's my plan to go with the snap and go for the infant carrier and then get a separate but good quality stroller for when we actually use it and change into the convertible seat.
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  • I think you got some good advice - same thing I've heard from all my friends with kids. We registered for the car seat, a caddy/snap&go stroller, and also a jogging stroller with adapter. I figure the jogging stroller will get the most use for around the neighborhood and when DH is with me (those suckers are pretty heavy!) and the caddy will get the most use when I'm running errands with LO by myself.
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  • We use our Bob revolution jogging stroller and our first years umbrella stroller all the time. I rarely used my travel system. When DD was small we wore her. Once she got bigger we used the jogger or umbrella very regularly. We still use both and she is 3.5. I think travel systems are a waste of money. I don't think we would have ever used a snap and go either.
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  • We went with the Britax B-Ready and used the infant seat attachment. It's our only stroller and we love it. I plan on using it as a double when this LO comes.
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  • I would test whatever you try before you buy it. I HATED the Snap n Go but I am also a taller person so the handles were just to low for me to use it comfortably.

    I LOVED my Chicco travel system and used the stroller for it for almost 25 months. I only changed to an umbrella stroller because I found a great deal on a Maclaren at a yard sale.



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  • image tulipblossom:

    I would test whatever you try before you buy it. I HATED the Snap n Go but I am also a taller person so the handles were just to low for me to use it comfortably.

    I LOVED my Chicco travel system and used the stroller for it for almost 25 months. I only changed to an umbrella stroller because I found a great deal on a Maclaren at a yard sale.


    This pretty much exactly!  I would definitely test drive and make sure you know what's going to work in your car(s).  A lot of people like the Snap n Go's, but a lot of people don't.  We have the Chicco travel system and love it.

    We also went with a Macalaren umbrella stroller and love that as well.

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  • DH calls me a stroller collector, ha!  I used the Snap N' Go and liked it for the little amount of time we went out (DD was a late fall baby, so it was cold here in Michigan).  I don't think it would have lasted for long walks or walking outside too much.  By the time we started going outside regularly again, DD was big enough to sit in a stroller.  We went through two cheapo umbrella strollers before realizing that we needed a higher quality lightweight stroller for shopping trips and such.  I went with the Chicco C6.  For running and long walks outside I use the BOB Revolution.  Love it.  But it's not really great for taking to the mall or throwing in the car.  It is kinda big and bulky.  I plan to wear this baby more than I did DD.  

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  • http://www.target.com/p/eddie-bauer-trail-hiker-3-wheel-travel-system/-/A-14049995#prodSlot=medium_1_1&term=eddie bauer trail hiker

    This is the jogging travel system we purchased. It's only $250, and Eddie Bauer makes quality stuff. We love it and can't wait to use it!! 

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