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Flu Shot?

Hi Everyone...

I am wondering if people are getting the flu shot while pregnant? I am not sure about what I want to do.

I hate getting the flu shot anyways, I only started getting it in the past few years because of my job, but last fall I opted out and it was the first fall I DID NOT get sick!! So I am wondering if you are or if you aren't and your reasons for the decision while carrying such a prescious LO!?


Re: Flu Shot?

  • My OB ordered it as part of my prenatal care since I'm PG during prime flu season. I got mine around 13 weeks.

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  • I wondered the same thing.  I NEVER get a flu shot but my doctor pushed one on me.  Of course, I instantly felt sick (it was all in my head but still.... )
  • I got mine, mostly because I work in a hospital. But I have also heard that getting the flu while pregnant can be dangerous for the baby, and that the baby will then have the antibodies against the flu after it's born if you do get the flu shot while pregnant.
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  • I've never gotten one and haven't had issues with getting sick. However, I'll ask my Dr about it at my appt on Friday and if they recommend it, I'll get one. I think te flu can be very harmful to baby, and the risks of the flu are greater than risks from the vaccine.



  • I never used to get it, but my oldest has viral induced asthma and was hospitalized from RSV a few winters ago, so we do everything we can to minimize her exposure, which means we all get flu shots. This year it was more important to me since the baby will arrive during flu season. My OB said that my getting the shot while pregnant would pass some amount of immunity on to the baby, so I'm extra glad to get it.

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  • Yes, for the same reasons others have mentioned.

    As for getting sick more or less in the years you do or don't get a flu shot, there is no correlation beyond coincidence. The only thing the flu shot does is help prevent influenza. It would have no effect on whether or not you would catch a cold or a stomach bug, or anything that isn't influenza.

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  • I got my flu shot about 2 weeks ago. The shot is the inactivated virus, so there is no way you can get sick. It is recommended during pregnancy, because the immunity is passed on to your baby. I would definitely look into getting one.
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  • I did not get the flu shot. I have never gotten a flu shot or the flu. My doctor said if I change my mind I can always come back and they will give me one.
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  • I got one weeks ago. I get one every year, so it wasn't even something I questioned. My doctor was pleased I was getting one, and my pharmacist gave me the preservative free shot. 
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  • I hadn't gotten one in years, but got one this year because I am pregnant. Not only is it good for mom, it is good for baby when LO is born. A pregnant woman with the flu is not only dangerous to get but harmful for the baby too
  • No.  I do not get it.
  • I just got mine today. Especially because I'm at risk for having another preemie, it was important to me that I get it this year. I also got it last year because DD was only 6 months old at the start of the flu season and our pedi told us we weren't eligible for the RSV vaccines but that if she got it "she might need a hospital stay but would probably end up just fine." Thanks. Anyway, yes. I got it.

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  • My OB highly suggested I get it since I'm pregnant and actually gave it to me at my last appointment. She stressed not only the benefits to the baby in the first 6 months after birth but how dangerous the flu can be to a pregnant woman. I am taking my husband to get one this weekend too!

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  • The only year I ever got the flu was the year I didn't get a flu shot.  I had been sick other years, but it was NOTHING like the flu.  It is terrible.  So, I will be getting the shot.

     Also, from what I've read, if you get the flu shot while pregnant, the baby is born with the anti-bodies.  So, you don't have to worry about him/her catching that strain of flu after birth, which in February can be an issue.

  • I'll be getting the preservative-free flu shot. 
  • I got mine last week and I'm totally fine! I should mention I have got one every year for the past 5 years.
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  • My OB said I really should and my husband too.
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  • I got mine about 3 weeks ago at my Midwife's office.  
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  • My OB also strongly recommended the flu shot for me and hubby since my Feb due date is in the middle of flu season here.  I don't care for them, but I got one b/c of the pregnancy, better safe than sorry, and with this being our first, I don't want to take any chances and trust my OB's recommendations.  Also going to get the pertussis vaccine after I deliver in the hospital.
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