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Anyone else dream about the gender?

Had a dream I am having a girl. Anyone else dreaming about the gender? Funny cause my hubby and I think boy but now arent sure cause of the dream. Think it means anything?
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Re: Anyone else dream about the gender?

  • About a week or so ago, I had a dream that on the ultrasound one of the babies was a boy but the other one was hiding so we couldn't tell what it is.  Can't wait for week 20!
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  • When I was pregnant with Tony, I was convinced we were having a girl because I had girl dreams all the time. Now I'm having boy dreams...so we shall see!! Smile
  • I've had about 3-4 girl dreams and two boy dreams where someone told me "You're pregnant and you're having a boy." And then another boy dream where I was walking into a baseball game holding a boy dressed in a baseball uniform and so was my husband. So weird.

    The girl dreams were where we were at the Anatomy Scan and they told us "It's a girl!" and then another few early on that I don't remember specifics on, but it was a girl.

    Since day 1, I've had a strong intuition that we're having a girl, DH thinks we are too. He wants a boy 100% and I want a girl 100%.

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  • No, but my sister and I have accurately predicted each others first kids via dream. It was freaky.

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  • I have yet to have a gender dream..

    But it seems that my MIL has had it for me. She told me last night that we are having a girl and the name is going to be Isabella but her nickname would be Belle.

    I like both names. However, cousin has dog names Isabella and my aunt has a dog named Belle. So that will be a big fat NO !! It was kind of weird when I told her thats not going to be the name of our baby, she went into full defense mode on me.

  • I was just texted by a friend that she had a dream it was a girl, but I haven't yet.
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  • I had a dream that I had a really frilly girlie girl.  Which people who know me and DH would totally laugh at.  But I told DH all about how I was going to dress her up in bows, flowers, ribbons, etc. His only response was not on Sunday Bears game days :)
  • I've had multiple boy dreams... And last night's was a huge boy!  Like abnormally huge.  To the point a girlfriend of mine couldn't carry him.  Weird...... and then I went in for my glucose test this morning... maybe I just had possible GD on my mind???
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  • I've been having dreams about random people, like my mom and kids from grade school I haven't seen in over a decade, having babies and finding out the sex. I haven't had any dreams about my own baby though.
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  • I have had 2 boy dreams so far.  But I think that  is because I'm hoping for a boy I think?  Just like my Mom who really wants me to have a girl keeps having girl dreams.  We will see!!
  • i keep dreaming girl..   we are really are hoping for a girl
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  • I was super convinced it was a girl, but had my first baby dream two nights ago and it was a boy. I thought the dream was so cool it is now making me lean towards wanting a boy, but I still think it might be a girl.


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  • One night last week I dreamed boy.  The very next night I dreamed girl.  Unless I'm having twins, I don't think the dreams meant anything.

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