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Anyone else? TMI

I had my first check for dialtion today and group b strep too (35 w 1d) - it was a bit painful to me but after it was done no biggie. Now that Im home I went to pee and theres blood in my undies, and when i wiped. Its not huge amount but maybe an inch long, half in wide area??? This is normal right? I've also been having contractions since I got home. Drinking water now hoping they go away. Im 1 cm dialated and 25% thinned. 

Anyone bleed after their check up? 

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Re: Anyone else? TMI

  • Yep. Everytime I was checked with DD I bled a bit.  I also didn't have the gentlist of OBs at that time.  It's normal. Just try to relax and drink your fluids.  If it gets worse, then by all means, call.


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  • Thanks for a quick reply. I figured thats what it was, but last time I went for an exam (wayyy back) she gave me a liner, so this time I didnt think to expect it since she didnt. It was a tiny shock. :)

    Next time I'm packing my own! Lol.. Thank you. 

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  • I'm at 39 weeks tomorrow and had my check up Friday...I'm still having some brown discharge (tmi, sorry) and Friday night it looked like my period was starting. I called the nurse line and they said that and mild cramps were normal for a few days after an exam. HTH!
  • Totally normal. My OB is very gentle and I still bled after my 37 week check-up.

  • I haven't had an internal yet, but after my initial pap at the beginning I was told that exams like that might cause me to bleed a little bit because of the irradiation.
  • Most deff bled!! It was terrible. The time before last I bled for a good four days! It was actually bad enough it was dripping sorry tmi I also passed two rather large clots. My doc said it was from vessels healing and then being ruptured again and it was normal and its not abnormal to have what looks like a light cycle. Your cervix is really sensitive right now and those little wands they use are not exactly vagina friendly.
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