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39 weeks and still working. Anyone else?

I'm 39 weeks today and am working full time as a school counselor. It's a stressful job (to get an idea of my school, I had a young lady tell me she wanted to stab herself to death last week) and I'm exhaused. Not sleeping, achy, crampy, moody, you know the deal. But people keep asking "oh you're still working?", like I'm crazy. Don't people know that maternity leave doesnt start until the baby is born? I only have 5 personal days from now until June so I dont want to use them up before baby is born. Is anyone else going through this? I feel like I'm dying at my desk today!

Re: 39 weeks and still working. Anyone else?

  • I am not 39 weeks but I plan to be working until the day the baby comes.

    I'm uncomfortable but I don't want to waste ANY of my maternity leave sitting around at home alone. It sucks for sure but I want to bank that time for baby! 

  • i'm with you my sister! i'm on my way to work now. headachy, moody, tired (even though I actually slept for six hours last night). I don't even feel like packing my lunch. But i can't take any time either. just like you, i have to wait until baby comes. with any luck i can leave work early. but probably not bc i'm already late. sigh
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  • Today was the first day where I seriously considered having my doctor write me a note to start my leave early.  My job isn't anywhere nearly as stressful as yours sounds, but I'm getting pretty uncomfortable.  I just have to keep reminding myself that time away from work now is time away from my baby after he or she arrives.  It's tough to stay motivated right now, but I know myself and I'd be so mad if I used the days now in the long run.

    Hang in there!!!

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  • I think all the people questioning why I'm still working makes it all that much more harder. Makes me second guess myself and tempts me to stay home but I know I'll regret that later!
  • Yes, dangit I did not want to have to work this week! Baby did not adhere to instructions this weekend. I am 40w on this coming saturday. I decided I am moving on with life with or without a born baby. I can't sit around and wait. It makes me crazy. So I am trying to just go about my business like I am not pregnant. Problem is I am huge!
  • I'm 39 weeks tomorrow; I'm working as much and as long as I can! Some days I'm leaving early though, because it's just too painful/uncomfortable to sit. But I'm trying to power through most days!

    I too would rather have the time AFTER Pumpkin gets here...

  • I'm not 39 weeks yet but I plan on stopping once I hit 39 weeks. I have 5 PD days and 2 sicks days banked which they will take from me before my maternity leave kicks in. I am going to lose them anyways so I may as well take them. People asking me how much longer I am staying or being surprised when they do see me still there is making it much harder. 
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  • And if any of us go late, then we'll really regret leaving early. Doc won't induce until 42 weeks... i can't imagine being pregnant for 3 more weeks but it's possible...
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  • I get this too and I feel like saying, you people have NO IDEA how much I would like to *not* be here anymore. Walking to my office from the parking lot feels seriously oppressive. It's a 10 minute walk. And I am not even "working". Just waddling. So actually doing my job is starting to feel impossible.

    Hang in there. You really are so close.  

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  • I'm still working... and every day I get the questions about still being around.  I work a desk job and it is getting much more uncomfortable to sit for a full day.  If I don't have little one by Thursday (due date) I may go to half days or something.  My back is killing me!



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  • If I hadn't had BP and swelling issues I would be still working. A lot of people couldn't believe I didn't take off a couple weeks early but with me being the sole income I really wanted to save all my time off until baby came. Thankfully I have STD so when doc took me off work we didn't go entirely without my income. It's just cut back but we can make it work.
  • still working...40 weeks tomorrow *sigh*
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  • Yep. I'll be 40 weeks Friday. And will be working until my water breaks, or real contractions start. I do case management, so half my time is spent at a desk, the other half is spent meeting clients at their doctor's appointments. I've been able to pass off the appointments that are more than an hour away from my hospital though, that's the only thing that's changed for me.
  • I hit 39 weeks yesterday and I'm still working! I'm in the military, so I totally understand being tired and stressed lol. I'm working until I deliver, the Army gives us 6 wks of maternity leave and I'm taking another month on top of that. Plus I only work until 230 pm everyday, so it's not too bad right now.  Hopefully our babies come soon so we can enjoy some much earned time away from the desk!
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  • I give all you ladies credit...I was so determined to go to 39 weeks and then take the last week off with the time I saved, but I couldn't take it anymore.  There were days I'd be walking to the bathroom from my desk and I thought my bladder was going to just drop out of me with sharp pain.  I finally just said screw it.  DH and I talked about it and I'm staying out until the end of the year anyway, and we'll just suck it up and go without a pay for a few weeks.  I felt so sick this morning when he was going to work that I'm glad I did...but still feel guilty I "gave up" at 37 weeks.

    Hang in there...you're almost done :)  Closer than me!

  • I'm still working too. I seriously want to print out a sign for my desk that says "Don't even ask!"  I am so sick of every person that comes by asking me "you're still here?" or "why haven't you had her yet?" or anything else along those line. Ugh! 

  • I'm still working. The plan is to work until he arrives. I'd rather have the time on the back end than the back end. It's more time with the baby.
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  • I am 39 weeks and 2 days and I will be at work tomorrow morning for my 7a-5p shift. I am a nurse on my feet all day, in a very busy unit. I am hoping he comes soon b/c I can't wait to not have to go to work and hear "you're still here?" and "omg..when are you due?"It's sooo annoying! Not scheduled again until thurs and fri after tomorrow so I'm praying he makes an appearance before thursday!


  • I ended up taking off today because I think my water MAY have leaked a couple of times while getting ready this morning. Going to call the doc as soon as they open. Fingers crossed that I'm not just peeinging on myself, lol!


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