1st Trimester

1 more week...

1 more week until my appointment. It feels like it'll never get here. 

Overall i've been feeling pretty good. Just very tired, and a little bloated.  Thankful morning sickness hasn't hit me yet.  Although, I have this daunting feeling it's coming. Been feeling slightly nauseous towards things. 

Some more family members and friends have been told.  We won't be going "public" (FB) until 14 weeks. 

 Another issue is that we currently live in a 1 bedroom apartment and have a dog and cat. So, we are looking at alternatives (buying a house, renting a 2 bedroom or hopefully moving into his grandfathers since he is moving into a home). Problem is we don't have any kind of downpayment as we have been paying off our credit card debt so we can save for a house. 

For my own piece of mine I hope we figure it out before the year is out so I can "nest" and get the babies room together.


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