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Different kind of nausea

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday. I Was wondering if anyone else is experiencing nausea when they do not eat? I know the norm is just the opposite but if haven't eaten my stomach hurts and I feel sick. I am concerned about my weight gain bc I am only 8 weeks and have gained 9 pounds!!

Re: Different kind of nausea

  • I agree with Christy. Eat but just try to stick to water, fruit and veggies for snacks. Try more protein dense meals to see if they help fill you up more.
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  • That is my normal.  If I go too long without eating I feel really bad.  Small snacks throughout the day are key for me.  I even have crackers next to the bed for when I wake up because it starts as soon as I open my eyes.
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  • I eat protein every two hours to keep the nausea at bay. I still feel sick but its worse when I don't eat. I usually have string cheese, apples w pb, handful of trail mix, cheese n crackers as my snack options... At least until I develop an aversion to those things ;

    I've also found that the more I follow my every two hours regimen, I'm able to keep on tip of the nausea better. Once I start to really feel sick, there is no turning back.

  • This is absolutely the case with me too.  I've been eating all day long but very very small meals.  Just graze all day long and eat whatever healthy food your body lets you eat (luckily I still like fruit although I can't eat vegetables).
  • I'm having this too- not so much food aversion, but when I get hungry, it's an awful, burning feeling. Very different from my first pg. Last night, I actually woke up around 4:30am and had to eat a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter just to get back to sleep!
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  • I Have The Same Problem.
    And I Can't Eat Any Warm Or Hot Food. It makes More Nauseous Than Anything. But I'm hungry All The Time
  • My "morning" sickness is bad when I don't eat as well. I also eat many small "meals" throughout the day.
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  • I haven't had morning sickness but I have felt very nauseated. Either when I eat too much or not at all. 

    I would just talk to your doctor about the weight gain. He can probably make you feel better about it and maybe give help or suggestions.

  • Im the same. i feel sick when I dont eat, like when Im hungry and I put it off. i have to yet to throw up or have true morning sickness, but I am definitly learning to listen to my body and have a snack when I feel hungry. i feel so much better!
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  • I would just try and eat smaller, more frequent meals and make sure you include protein with each one.  (i.e. apples & almond butter, cheese & veggie sticks, salad & chicken, etc.) I think that really helped me.  
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