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Strong painful contractions that wont progress???

Im 39 weeks and my due date is tomorrow, 2 weeks ago at my appointment the dr told me i was 70% effaced and just a fingertip dilated. Went back friday but had no progression but feeling a ton of pressure and its difficult to walk. Saturday at 12am i woke up with contractions that started at 20 min apart then went down to 10, this lasted 5 hrs. then stopped. Then starting at 5:30pm the contractions started again, its going on 11 hrs of very strong and PAINFUL contractions that last over a minute but still wont get closer than 8-10 minutes. I can barely get through the contractions. 11 hrs just seems to be a long time without contractions getting closer!!  Ive been very active the whole pregnancy and trying to keep active now but between the pain and difficulty getting around its challenging. 

Re: Strong painful contractions that wont progress???

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    When is your next appointment? Just because your contractions aren't getting closer doesn't mean they're not doing anything. A lot of things happen that prepare your body to be in labor. These contractions may be helping to make your cervix softer and/or thinner. Try not to become discouraged. :)

    You might start trying to develop a ritual or rhythm for during your contractions. Figure out what feels good (bouncing on an exercise ball, rocking your hips back and forth, deep breathing patterns, etc) and try to get used to doing that so that later, in active labor, you'll know what helps. Good luck!

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  • As PP has said, just because they aren't getting closer doesn't mean they aren't doing anything. In the past, I've tried to walk, or otherwise get active, during the contractions... false labor will stop/slow, and true labor will progress with the activity... Sorry to say, though, 11 hours with no progression doesn't sound abnormal to me - although I am NOT a doc and only have my own experiences to go by. First time labors are typically slower, I'm told, and the first stage can last for days. I do hope  everything goes quickly and well for you!
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  • My cousin just had her baby on Wedn. and her contrax never got closer together than 8-10 min, just increased in intensity.  You might want to get checked out in case things are progressing more than you think, by the time she went into the hospital she was 6 cm dilated!

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  • You might want to go into the hospital and get checked.

    With DS I had very painful contractions at 6 min for 30 hours before I got past 2cm though. 

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  • 11 hours doesn't sound abnormal to me either, especially not for a first birth.  With DD, I had contractions 10 minutes apart or less that increased in intensity to very painful that even turned into excruciating back labor for 24 hours straight before I went to the hospital.  When I got there, the horrid back contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes, lasting a minute each and I was dialated to a 1!  100% effaced but only a sucky ONE.  After 6 more hours of constant, almost on top of each other, intense contractions, I dialated to a 3 and my water broke on it's own.  After that I got the epidural and things progressed smoothly and pain free :).  Hope you don't have to endure too many more hours of pain!  I bet you will be giving birth before you know it! 
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