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Feeling like the lone unprepared idiot.

Everyone is talking about ordering their crib, painting the nursery, etc. I'm starting to feel like the only person that not in any way prepared for this baby!


I'm not having a baby shower. My mom was thinking of planning one (or a meet the baby) but my grandma talked her out of it. This means it's up to me to get everything.


The only purchase I've made for this baby is a few outfits that I got at a consignment shop. Beyond that, she's got nothin'



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Re: Feeling like the lone unprepared idiot.

  • Pshhh ... I've ordered nothing and have about 4 small outfits we picked up at sales here and there. I figure that being due in February will give me plenty of time to search around for products that have good customer reviews AND are in our price range (I HATE being rushed into buying things and like to do research and be confident with my purchase). I told DH today that I want to wait until black friday and cyber monday to even think about ordering a crib and cloth diapers because we might find some great deals on great items. If not, we still have 3 months to go. Other than that, the baby space in our room (nook area off to the side) has barely been cleared out.

    The only BIG thing I have done was finish the top of a quilt I am making for baby . For some reason, it was painfully urgent for me to do the quilt. Super Angry

    You are not alone. I'm right there with you! 

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  • Looks like you are a STM too. We have not bought anything yet. Don't know when we plan to, probably not getting much at all. Maybe a new car seat, since we borrowed the last one. Getting clothing out of storage. But yeah, not planning on doing that for another few months. Someone volunteered us a new bed for LO so we will be just using our crib we have for the new one. They will be sharing a room, so no nursery. Although we will probably reorganize at one point.
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  • We are not making any major purchases until after my shower (December 1st). There will be a lot of people invited, so chances are we will get a lot of the things we need as gifts. After that, we will evaluate what we still need and go from there. Plus, that gives us more time to save up some money to make the big purchases (crib, glider, stroller, etc. which are on my registry but I don't expect anyone to buy them).

    Anyway, I know you're not having a shower, but I don't think you're really far behind or anything. There are lots of us on here who haven't done much yet in the way of preparing. It might help your stress level to just make a list of all the things you need to do and start out small. Even doing one small thing is better than nothing, and I find that crossing off items on a list brings about a sense of satisfaction Smile

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  • You're not alone.  I haven't gotten anything yet.  We just found we're having a boy yesterday, so I'm going to go and look for some stuff today - because I'm starting to feel like I need to make some progress :)
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  • Don't feel unprepared.  In a way, you can never be prepared or ever prepared enough for a baby! Stick out tongue It's been ten years since my last kid so I don't have anything except the crib (a really nice one, thankfully).  I just hope I have all the pieces.  No nursery and probably no shower.  I am struggling so hard to pay bills so, barely any extra for baby.  Not that I will be without.  My mom is not too bad off and she is waiting (not very patiently, I might add) for what the baby's gender will be.  Soon, Mom.  But I've always felt that when the time comes for any situation, I will have everything I need.  So, I do cry every now and then or I get angry but really, I try not to sweat the details.  I still have time and a tax return before the baby comes.Big Smile
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  • I haven't done anything either. I have a going home outfit and that's about it. 
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  • I have bought the baby 3 outfits, and some clearance bottles, before he was conceived.

     I am not having a shower, since this is number 2, (I think work may throw me one, but that will most likely be small things like clothes)  But I did register at Target, so I can get a complete your registry discount.   I am also waiting until the have the bigger things we need (swing, bouncer, rnp...) on clearance for pattern changes.  Plus I figured we won't need a high chair for a while, so I am not worrying about that.

     We have begun to empty the nursery out, it was our office, but again,  in no hurry, since we need to buy a new smaller desk, and we haven't yet.  

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  • I'm a FTM and I have pretty much nothing. We have talked about what we want to do with the nursery but nothing has been done yet. We have a few small items that we got from a friend who is all done having children, but other than that we figure things will come together in the end when it all needs to. And in all honesty all the baby need in the beginning is food, somewhere to sleep, some clothing, and lots and lots of love. Throw in some diapers and you should be set. February seems so close but in reality it should be enough time for all of us to get to really important things and focus on all the love your new family is going to share.

    I'm a procrastinator as it is though so I'm pretty chill about deadlines most of the time. But I can understand where most people are coming from being a little nervous. But just know you are not alone in not having much done. I'm sure many of us don't still. We'll all get there!!
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  • Meh...all the baby really needs at first are diapers, clothes, and a place to sleep. And bottles/formula if you aren't BFing. Everything else is fluff that can be added later :-). We won't have to get much b/c I'm a STM and having another girl, but I am starting to feel guilty that we haven't bought this baby ANYTHING. My mom almost bought her a couple of adorable outfits at Ross, but DD found a toy she really loved and my mom put the outfits back so DD could have the toy. I guess, in theory, anything I buy for DD#1 from now on is also for DD#2...but I am a little concerned that she won't get anything of her own! I'm also procrastinating a lot more this time...I don't even know which room we're gonna use for baby (get rid of guest room or have the girls share a room so people can stay w/ us)! You will be ready enough when she gets here! :-)


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  • We have a crib but it was a hand me down and they wanted the space so we went ahead took it. We were actually waiting to find out gender. Now that we know I will be starting to get things. I am not too worried as last pregnancy we waited on a lot of items due to showers being late. My luck I was in labor at my shower and we had to go after the baby was born to finish shopping and it all worked out. Don't stress.
  • I'm a STM, too, so I'm reusing a lot of my son's baby things and we really don't need a lot for Baby Girl. I hadn't bought anything until this morning when my community had it's big garage sale. 
  • I'm a FTM, and I feel good that I at least registered for stuff, even if we haven't even started clearing out the nursery or buying anything. You will have plenty of time! No need to worry or stress out!
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  • I'm a FTM and also haven't gotten anything beyond some cute outfits since finding out gender last week. I'm spending this weekend starting registry research but the nursery hasn't been cleared out at all yet (currently it's the 2nd bedroom). I did get out the tape measure to start figuring out dimensions & what might fit. One thing at a time! :-)
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  • I have clothes and that is about it. I am purposefully spreading it out, I don't want to be to the half way mark and be completely ready. As strange as it sounds I am saving decorating the room for Jan. I hate Jan. and it will make it a little more bearable! Something to pass the time till babycomes!
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  • Due to an impeding move (where to is TBD, but staying local), we have ONE blanket that I bought on a whim. Our condo sale closes Nov 30 so sometime around then we should have a better idea of where we will be when baby comes (if we can't find a house we like, we'll rent and hunt again in the spring market). Not only do we have nowhere to store baby items, I don't think it's practical to pay to move them. So we wait ,and it's stressful, but I'm confident it will all work out in the end! You're not alone in this--I indulge my impulses with Pinterest and a private wish list on Amazon.

    The wise STMs on here have great advice about what essentials are truly needed when baby is born. I love PP's idea about decorating in January--it will indeed help fill the time after the holiday celebrations die down. Hang in there!

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  • You're definitely not the only one, darlin'. I've gotten maybe half a dozen outfits for her, two packs of newborn diapers, and that's it. I haven't even begun getting paint or furniture for the nursery or for her big brother's room.

  • Was just lamenting the fact that I haven't bought a single thing for this baby yet. As in, not even a onsie. We also haven't started working on the nursery yet. In my family we have a tradition where whenever one of us is expecting, we'll all chip in and purchase the big ticket items like the crib, stroller/carseat, breast pump etc., so I'm not really worried about those items. However, time is flying so I need to get my act together as far as the other stuff is concerned. I think I'm in denial, lol. Stick out tongue
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