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Balancing Amazon and In-Store registry....

We are planning to do an in-store (bbb) as well as online registry (amazon).    For the ladies who have done so, what items do you have online vs. in store?  Do you have the same stroller, pack n' play, etc...on both registries?  How are you balancing what you list online and what you list for the store?



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Re: Balancing Amazon and In-Store registry....

  • We have Amazon, Target, and BRU registries (there's no Target by DH's family and no BRU near mine). Since most things can be ordered online as well as bought in-store, I figure most people will look at all registries and decide what they want to purchase. I only registered for once for each of the big ticket items assuming that people will see it and either decide to buy/order it or get something else. That way, 3 different people don't buy the stroller, etc., and then we have to return 2 of them.
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  • We had a BBB and an Amazon registry.  I had basically the same things on each.  I wanted it to be easy for those sending gifts from afar to be able to order online and ship for free.  BBB's return policy is awesome so, when I did get a couple of duplicate items, I just returned them to BBB.  It was NBD.
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  • We are also looking into having an Amazon registry (we have BBB).  I did some price comparisons and might put a few things that are better priced on Amazon.  Most of my family is in our area, but DH's family is all out of town.  I might put a few duplicates on there, but not many.  Still not sure how to work this.
  • We have a BRU and a MyRegistry.com.  We didn't duplicate items between the lists, the MyRegistry.com is just for stuff that they don't carry at BRU.  It's a lot of cloth diapering stuff from smaller online stores (we registered for some prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers, covers from Assunta Store, wet bags from Planet Wise, onesies and bibs from ThinkGeek, etc.).  BRU is where we registered for stuff like the car seat, stroller, pack 'n play, bath towels, sleep sacks/swaddlers, etc., basically the type of stuff you can get anywhere.  The BRU list will probably be a bit bigger, but we're trying to put a wide price range on each list, that way there will be stuff to fit everyone's budget regardless of where they decide to shop.

  • We have a BBB and Amazon and the Amazon one mostly just has cloth diapers on it and like one item BBB didn't carry. But we also don't have a huge registry at either place since this is our second baby and mostly just want the completion coupons. If something we do plan to buy ends up being cheaper on Amazon we will add it to the registry before we place our order.

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  • I chose not to duplicate any items. The vast majority of our stuff is on Amazon, but I made sure to put a couple expensive and inexpensive items at BRU. If I find that more people are wanting to buy in store and no one's purchasing off Amazon, I'll add the items to BRU.
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  • Thanks for posting this question! I was having trouble getting onto The Bump yesterday but I'm finally doing my research today so we can get started, and we're planning on BRU + Amazon. There should be more guides helping moms navigate the online vs. in-person registries!

    So far I think we'll be registering for a lot of the basics & big items via BRU, like a lot of ladies here, and mostly extras on Amazon. One thing I found out via another preggo site is you can add Etsy items to an Amazon registry - which definitely makes me happy :-) I also like the idea of registering for diapers via Amazon. Also, I plan on registering for a few parenting books via Amazon. Thanks ladies!

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  • We don't have any overlap between the two. All the big things are on Amazon, because they are a) all cheaper b) have more color choices and c) have free shipping, so we saw no point in registering for the stuff at BBB. BBB has some smaller stuff, mostly, like blankets, onesies, bath stuff, and some cute things that aren't on Amazon.
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