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Renal Pyelectasis

I had my 20-week ultrasound last week and they found our little boy has Renal Pyelectasis, which is basically a problem with his kidneys. I went to the perinatologist today and he said our baby has a 1% chance of being born with this problem. It's common for the problem to resolve itself before birth. He also said this is a soft marker for down syndrome, which of course scared me way more than the kidney issue does. He said there were no other markers for down syndrome and everything else looks good. I don't get to go back for another sonogram and consultation with the perinatologist until I'm 32 weeks (11 weeks from now), which means a stressful couple months. Anyone else dealt with this? I feel like I'm overreacting, but when someone mentions downs syndrome I can't help but worry...

Re: Renal Pyelectasis

  • I personally have not had this, but my best friend's son had the same thing when she was pregnant with him.  When she had her follow-up scan, everything had healed all on its own.  I do not know if they told her it was a marker for Downs because she didn't share that with me.  However, he is a perfectly healthy, beautiful little boy :)  Best of luck!
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  • Yes, DS had this.  We were also told that it was a soft marker for Down's syndrome, but being that it was the only thing that they found, they didn't feel like there was much risk for Down's.  I was told that this is a very common finding in boys.

    We had the follow up ultrasound and it had not resolved.  So, my little guy had to have an ultrasound a day or two after birth.  They also did a VUCG.  This is where they inject dye up the urethra to see if there is reflux of urine from the bladder back into the kidneys.  He was put on antibiotics until he saw the urologist, but his pyelectesis was only mild at that point so he was taken off the antibiotics.  He then had follow up ultrasounds every 6 months until it resolved.  It finally resolved at about 18 months.  The pyelectesis did get a little worse before it got better.  I was told that surgery was the worst case scenario, but that most cases resolve.

     Long story short, DS is happy and healthy.  Good luck to you.

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