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No more yummy goodies for me. I had an appointment yesterday and the doctor said I gained WAY too much in 4 weeks. I've gained 10 pounds since my last appointment. I was crying for the rest of the day yesterday and I can't get it off my mind...being fat and having a fat baby : (.

I guess eating pretty much whatever sounded good was the wrong thing to do. Going from nausea all the time to food finally sounding good really kicked me in the @$$!

Now I have to diet for the rest of the pregnancy....through the winter..blah!

Anyone else having trouble with weight gain?


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Re: : ( weight gain

  • Next week will be my third appt so I will see if they say anything then.  So just curious..you gained 10 lbs in the last month? and then how much total?  It seems like it depends on the doctor.  Some critize weigth gain and others seem to let it go unless you have high Bp, protein in your urine, etc...  Good luck and hopefully just cutting back on a few things will do the trick :)
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  • All through my first trimester up until my last appointment 4 weeks ago I had gained 10 pounds. Then I gained 10 more in just 4 weeks. It's freaking me out.
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  • I gained 60lbs with DD. Nobody said anything to me, but I wish they had. I don't think you need to diet, just be more mindful of what you're eating. You're not fat and your baby won't be fat... It's a hard adjustment for your body carrying a baby, hormones raging, etc. Dont beat yourself up, just remember eventually it has to come off.
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  • I've gained a total of 15 lbs so far which really isnt much less than you. You're 22 weeks and I'm 18. I was at the dr on Tuesday and she didnt mention my weight gain at all. So don't let it get you down. Average weigth gain is 25-30lbs but for some women more.

  • I just posted some info in your post on the February 2013. Hopefully it'll be helpful!
  • Weight gain is different for everyone and will change from week to week.  Just eat healthy and exercise.  I went from nauseous to finally being able to think about or look at food so i know what you mean.  I am always hungry but I keep it healthy and just cheat everyonce in a while.  Good luck!!
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  • You're not alone! I've gained too much over my last two appointments. I'm already over what my OB recommended. I was on a vegetarian/vegan diet for almost two years before becoming pregnant but my meat cravings beat me and I added it back into my diet which could've added the extra calories and fat that I'm used to. But, I still ate normally (what I considered normal for me) and exercised but the weight just packed on. Tests still come back normal and the only thing my OB was so concerned about was me getting back to my normal body weight and image fast. Not cool, but I do have a bridesmaid dress to fit into 3 months after LO is born!

    Don't diet. Just make better food choices. But don't deprive yourself either. If I want a cupcake, I'm going to have a cupcake!

  • I'm 21wks and have gained 11lbs the whole pregnancy so I guess I'm on target and they say you gain about a pound a week after 20wks so that should be about 20 pounds and I already have 11 so hopefully no more than 30ish lbs total pregnancy. I'm also a really picky eater so it's hard for me to eat a bunch. Just be mindful when you're eating and notice the difference between really being hungry and just wanting something ;) 
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  • I'm a little ahead of the curve. at my 16 week appointment I found out I gained 8 lbs in  a month. I'm just learning to let it go...if I get up to 35-40 lbs gained for this pregnancy so be it...I'm eating healthy and makingsure I'm making good choices for the baby with a cheat meal once a week, and I'm super active, so If I gain weight....it's just what had to happen. I'm not even stepping on a scale anymore during this pregnancy!
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  • A lot of times the concern that comes too is based on your size before getting preggo.  If you were overweight, normal weight, or overweight there are different guidelines to what is considered healthy.   I was 5'7 and 166 pre preggo and that was considered overweight.  I am suppose to gain less.  I use it as a guideline but if your healthy and your tests are all fine and you dont have GD then who cares...but keep in mind that it does have to come off after...well it doesnt have to if you want the extra weight to stick around. 



  • I gained between 55and60 lbs with both DDs. My OB never mentioned my weight gain. I think I asked once, and she just said the more I gained while pg, the more I'd have to lose later. My blood pressure was fine, overall health was fine, etc. I don't understand why some doctors worry about weight gain so much while others don't.
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  • This is my 4th pregnancy...and for the first 3 I always gained 10 lbs in the 5th month. For pregnancy 1 I gained 34 lbs, pregnancy 2 I gained 29 lbs and pregnancy 3 I gained 25 lbs.

    I think it depends on your doctor...but unless you are gaining 10 lbs a month...I don't see that it would be that big of a deal.
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  • At my 16 week appointment I had gained 10 pounds in one month which made a total of 17 pounds my whole pregnancy. Since then I have gained 2 pounds, nothing for the past 9 weeks. Some women gain weight earlier on in their pregnancy and then it tapers off, some women are late gainers and some are steady. I wouldn't worry about it, just eat healthy and workout and you'll be fine.
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  • I had gained 10 pounds in 4 weeks at my last appointment (at 24 weeks), which gives me a 24 lb. weight gain total. My doctor said it was because my activity level has dropped (I've been on pelvic rest my whole pregnancy and have been on modified bed rest for the last 8 weeks, so I can't even walk anywhere)...but she says as long  as it isn't like that every week I'm on target.

    I would maybe evaluate what you're eating and make sure you're making good food decisions...but I don't think there is a need to diet per se unless the weight gain continues at that rate. Remember, your body is doing what it needs to do to not only support both you and the baby now, but after your LO is born as well.

    Hope you're feeling better today! There is nothing worse than being hormonal and dealing with your weight. I cry everyday getting ready for work because I feel as big as a house. LOL.

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  • I am 16 weeks and have gained 12 pounds so far.  I was at a healthy starting weight and the doctor was not concerned.  But, I was!  I have always had body image issues.  I am trying to not let it get to me.  I am not eating like crap and I'm doing my best to get some light walking in.  She said that some women gain a lot in the beginning and then later don't gain as much.  Try not to beat yourself up over it!
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  • It depends on what weight you started at!! I am overweight so DR said I should only gain 10 lbs thru my whole pregnancy... (different situation completely).

    Keep in mind there are so many other attributes to weight gain than just what you are eating - try keeping a food diary and see if it's because of what you are eating or if you need to just exercise more... It isn't recommended to "diet" during pregnancy, just to eat within the recommended calorie ranges and a balanced diet. 

    Also, keep in mind if they weighed you before going to the bathroom - solids and liquids that you expelled later in the day could have been weighing you down...

    And there is way more to it than just a growing baby... ( I just posted this in FAT COMMENTS) another thread - but I think it applies to remember where the weight gain is going...

    Reasons for weight gain during pregnancy:

    BABY: 7-8 lbs

    PLACENTA: 1-2 lbs

    UTERUS: 1-2 lbs

    BLOOD: 4 lbs 


    OTHER FLUID: 4 lbs

    BREASTS: 2 lbs (on average)

    FAT STORES: 6-8 lbs

    TOTAL: 25-35 lbs.

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  • between weeks 18-22 with DS I gained 14lbs!! I thought for sure I was gonna get yelled at, and they didn't even say a word. With this pregnancy I went in at 14 weeks and had lost 1 lbs since 10 weeks and I got a lecture. I think people need to relax, your body is gonna do what it needs to and it all works out in the end. Unless your gaining like 10-15lb every visit, I think people need to lay off a little.
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  • I'm dreading my appointment on Monday because I know I've gained too much!
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  • I just got the same "talk" yesterday. I am 28 weeks and gained 29 pounds. This past month I gained 6 lbs and the month before I gained 10 lbs. This past month I stopped having ice cream EVERY night. I tired to cut down on the chocolate cookies, etc. I still ate sweets but not as much as the month before. I guess I need to cut down even more (boo!). Good luck it isn't easy when you are craving sweets!
  • I'm 12 weeks, and I gained about 15 pounds almost instantly, it seems. Two weeks ago my OB said I gained to much. She said no juice or extra sugar for me. However, when I went back this Friday she said that some women gain a ton of water weight initially, and I was quite lean before I became pregnant, so even though I'm 5 pounds above target, I should't worry until I'm more like ten pounds above target.

    I've never, ever been overweight and have always be fit and a healthful eater, so I took this really, really hard. But I eventually got over it. C'est la vie!

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