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Green poop (XP to Breastfeeding board)

Hi ladies!

My lil dude (three months, EBF) has had mostly green, mucousy poop for the past month, ever since he got his Rotavirus vaccine. But since it has continued so long, I'm now wondering if it's something else. The poops are a delightful range of yellowy green to grassy to dark army green. He's always had an occasional green poop since birth, but it's been fairly consistently green since the vaccine (with a few yellow brown ones thrown in). His poop has always been a bit "mucousy," which my Dr. is not concerned about. I do seem to have an oversupply and overactive letdown, so it COULD be an imbalance, but the LC I spoke to doesn't seem to think it is as he's gaining beautifully, is not gassy, etc. (she also didn't seem too concerned about the colour, since she saw him poop and he wasn't in pain or anything).

But everything I read says that green poop isn't really that great. He has also developed eczema in the last week so I am starting to suspect an allergy, even though he is happy and healthy otherwise. I'm going to try cutting out dairy and see what happens.
I guess I don't really have a question per se but I'm just at a bit of a loss. Anybody else have a similar experience? thoughts?

Thanks :)


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Re: Green poop (XP to Breastfeeding board)

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