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Past Pregnancy with Knot in Cord

I have been thinking about this post for a long time. My son had a true knot in his cord that we didn't find out about until after he was born.They were able to tell he was distressed during delivery, but thank god everything turned out fine. They were great about keeping things cool in the delivery room but of course after the fact I read online about what issues could have happened.

So now I am of course worried about this again with this little one. She is just as active as my son was (they said he put the knot in his cord early on while doing flips or something) 

Did anyone else have a knot in the cord on a past pregnancy? Are they doing anything to see if that's an issue again this time? Or how are they calming your fears (if you have them)? 

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Re: Past Pregnancy with Knot in Cord

  • I knew I wasn't crazy in thinking this could happen! When we went for our U/S the tech kept saying, there sure is a lot of chord in the way.  Lots of chord sitting on the baby's stomach blocking the view (sex of the baby).  Is there supposed to be so much chord?  Is it supposed to be less?  Can't the baby get tangled in it's own chorded mess, knots, ruptures etc.

    I don't have answers but I am curious about this also. 

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  • DD had a knot in her cord and it was wrapped around her :/ I always think about all the bad things that could have happened. Luckily, I went into labor a week early, I shudder to think what may have been different if she went the full 40 weeks. I have been paranoid about that this pregnancy, too. I really dont think there is much you can do but just pay attention to movement and if you notice anything like a decrease have them check on it. I did look this up awhile ago with this pregnancy and from what I read, having knots or cords wrapped around is more common than you think, it's just the unfortunate times when it is too tight.

     Try not to worry and discuss it with your OB and they may have more info that will calm your fears :)

  • Not to scare you but I had no idea this could be as scary as it truly is. A friend of mine and I were talking the other day and they had to do a section on her DS because he was so big. She fought and fought it, but at last gave in. Come to find out, when they delivered him he had a double knot in his cord and would probably have died during l&d had she had him vaginally! Scared me to death. While your LO had a knot in his cord, I don't think this one is more at risk. Good luck to us all!! :0)

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  • That's part of the reason I didn't want to post this in the first place, pregnant woman have enough to worry about, this doesn't seem like a fun one to add to the list! I said something to my u/s tech and to the PA I saw last time and both said this was rare (maybe they were just trying to ease my fears?) Part of my fears did come from a HS classmate who had a similar situation that didn't end so well about a year ago.

    I do plan to bring it up to my doctor again toward the end of my pregnancy and I am sure I will pay more attention to kick counts toward the end. Besides that I guess like everyone else we can just hope and pray for the best! Agree good luck to us all!! 

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  • I have my 37 week appt. tomorrow and I am gonna ask the OB what she thinks.....she delivered DD last time.
  • I was sent to a specialist when I was pregnant with my DS due to a heart condition my DH was born with.  So at 22 weeks, I went in for the ultrasound to check out his heart.  During that appointment, they could see that DS had the cord wrapped around his neck 2or 3 times.  They told me to try not to worry (hard, right?) and that he would most likely get himself out of it within the next few weeks.  

    At my follow up appointment, we could see he got out of it, but managed to pull the cord into a true knot in the process. So, I got to go back every 2 to 3 weeks, to make sure the knot wasn't harming his development. By the end of my pregnancy, I was in my OB's office 2 to 3 times a week for monitoring.  I was also very obsessive about my kick counts and went to The hospital for a couple of scares.

     I was worried that since we knew about the knot, that it would require a c/s. However, all my physicians assured me that as long as neither of us was in distress, I'd be able to deliver vaginally.

     I went into labor on my own, but was hooked up to pitocin to speed things up. He was delivered with no complications and was and is absolutely perfect.

     I guess the short answer is, try not to think about it, do your kick counts daily (more if it makes you feel better) and don't hesitate to go to your doctor or hospital if you think something might be wrong.  

  • My 2nd son was born with a true knot and the cord wrapped around his neck. I was sent for a fetal echo for this pregnancy and I asked the peds cardiologist about it. She said that there each pregnancy is different and that just because it happened before doesn't necessarily mean it will happen again. It's not hereditary or anything. I try not to worry about it too much. GL!
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