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Be still, my beating heart

Does anyone else sometimes feel like your heart is trying to pound its way out of your chest?? It's not beating any faster than normal, and it's not palpatating.  I just can feel my heart pounding in my chest and even throughout my stomach. 

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Re: Be still, my beating heart

  • I have this same thing too.  Honestly, my heart has always been a bit hard.  One of my best friends who is a nurse used to beg me in college all the time to practice taking blood pressure on my because she said mine was so easy to hear.  I'm not sure if they are related but sometimes I would swear my whole belly is pulsating with every heartbeat.  A couple times when I was really tired I thought it was the baby moving :) nope, just my heart beating.
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  • Yes, you have more blood in your body now so your heart is working harder. You also have your abdominal aorta in the stomach area, so you can feel your heart beat through your stomach.
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  • Yes!!! I'm a nervous person by nature and I typically have a faster heartbeat, but with this pregnancy, especially when I'm laying down and still, I can totally feel it :0( it bothers me!

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  • I just said something to MH the other day about this. I swear at times to I can see my belly moving like a heart beat. 

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