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What would WMs do? - maternity leave

I accrue 3 days PTO per month.  When I go on maternity leave I have to use all my PTO before my STD kicks in.  My STD disability has a 30 day waiting period, and I will be removed from STD at 6 weeks unless I have a c-section, so I will only end up with a check for 2 weeks STD.  Last maternity leave, I accrued less PTO so I hoarded it and had enough to cover the 20 days working or 30 calendar days until STD kicked in and then got 2 weeks STD.

This time I already have 22 days accrued, and will accrue 9 more for a total of 27 days PTO or about 5 1/2 weeks calendar wise.  So my question is what would you guys do?  Should I use up some of the PTO before I go on leave so I can get some STD?  Or should I just use PTO and not use hardly any STD?  It seems a shame to have STD and not use it.  But STD pays less than PTO, so should I go for the more money during the leave?

I was leaning more towards taking whatever vacation that I want now, and not stressing myself out by hoarding it like I did last time.  DH makes enough money that if my entire maternity leave was unpaid it would be no hardship.  I am taking 12 weeks total, and the remainder of the leave is unpaid.  But I just thought it was strange to knock out my STD because I was too responsible and saved too much PTO. 

Hope this isn't too confusing.  TIA for your help. 

Re: What would WMs do? - maternity leave

  • I'd use up anytime over the 30 days.
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  • I only had to use a week before my STD kicked in.  I guess it's not a bad thing that you will have most of your leave paid for and you will receive full pay instead of 60% but it sucks that you have to use all your PTO.  If you have to take some time off before then do it if not then don't.
  • I hate this rule -- it makes it much harder to take time off when kids are sick after you go back to work. Thankfully, my company doesn't force you to use PTO unless you want to so I rolled mine over and have used some of it when DD is sick or for wellness checks. If I were you I'd take a nice babymoon.
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  • I would use the PTO and take full advantage of the STD.  LibraryChica had a great suggestion w/ the babymoon.  In a few months it will be very difficult to find alone time; take sometime for yourself.
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  • My employer also has this rule.  I HATE it... you come back from maternity leave with no PTO left for sick days, doctor visits, etc.  Even worse, we don't accrue PTO (it's given in a lump sum on your anniversary), so depending on when you come back from mat leave, you could have an entire YEAR without ANY time off.

    That being said, in your situation, I'd probably take some vacation days before my leave.  If you're hurting for money, though, I'd save the PTO for mat leave since STD doesn't pay your full salary.

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  • I'd take a few days. Personally a day when I could take a long shower, shave in peace and then nap would do me wonders. We have a floating holiday that I have to use by the end of the year. DH and I took off a day together and are having a midweek vacation day. A spa day or curl up on the couch and watch movies day would be great too. Heck, I would relax and take some me time before the baby is born.
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