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I have no clue.

Hello! Could someone give me a second opinion? Six days before expected AF I seem to be spotting. Not really crampy and the color is mostly brown but an occasional reddish color mostly after I pee what is the deal?! I'm assuming because of the reddish color I have seen a couple times it isn't implantation bleeding.
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Re: I have no clue.

  • No idea. Could be early AF or if you aren't charting, it could very well be on time AF. Could be implantation spotting (rare but it happens). Wait a week, take a test.

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  • No way to know.  You will just have to wait until you get you period or a positive HPT.  






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  • I used to have no spotting, then a couple years ago I would get spotting a couple days before my period. I asked about it, totally normal. 
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