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Bye to m/s...hello to.. (just some ranting)

(dizziness&heartburn too!)

I feel like this is the first time in over a week I've had a whole hour to myself and all I can focus on is this migraine. 
All the 'blended family' drama, court, and my cranky 13 m/o DD, and my irritability with my DH. .I feel like I'm going to blow.
AND I broke out the maternity jeans today. I am so comfy though. Sitting down without adjusting my just-too-tight-around-the-waist pants over my little roll is so nice.
All I know is I'm looking forward to a little stress-free time after this week.

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Re: Bye to m/s...hello to.. (just some ranting)

  • Hang in there -- I'm a lifelong headche sufferer -- I get visual migraines.  I was on progesterone suppositories all the way through the first trimester and once I went off them, the headachs lessened.

    BUT, I read that dizziness and headaches in the SECOND tri can be due to increased progesterone, and today I have a headache, so I'm betting that is what it is from (and maybe yours too!)

    Hang in there -- I've found that a sudafed and a cup of coffee and lots of water knock mine out!

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