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Braxton Hicks already?

Hoping some of you can relate! I see my doctor next week so I will ask him then but I'm just trying to see how normal this is. For the past week I've been having BH contractions irregularly (I'm 21 weeks). I'm a part-time cross country coach and sometimes it happens at practice (which doesn't really surprise me because I'm guessing it's related to dehydration). This past weekend DH and I went to a movie and I had about 5-6 throughout the movie. I've had at least 2 a day at very random times. At first I was scared because I didn't have any until about 37 weeks with DS. But they aren't regular and they never seem to increase or continue on for a prolonged time. From what I read online, they can start as early as 2nd tri. It would make me feel so much better if some of you are feeling the same thing... especially if you ahve already talked to your doctor about it!


Re: Braxton Hicks already?

  • I just posted this exact same question on the Feb 2013 board lol

     I am having them too, but I dont remember having them this early with my first two children. Everything I have read seems to say it is normal. I go to the dr Friday and I plan on bringing it up then. I am not too worried since its not painful, and I still feel LO moving around in there.

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  • I started having them around 20 weeks when I was pregnant with my son.  The doctors told me that if I had 6 in an hour, I should call.  The doctors wound up sending me to L&D 3 times, and each time they put me on IV fluids and that eventually stopped them.  It continued pretty much until I delivered at 39 weeks, but the contractions never caused dilation, PTL or any other complications.  It was really just a nuisance.  
  • I had them at 24 weeks with DS.  My doctor at that point was not concerned, he just told me to try to drink a lot of water and stay cool.  This time around I started getting them around 21 weeks.  They have never been consistent, but I do have around 10 per day.  Once again, my doctor advised the same thing and just said to keep an eye on it, especially if they increase in frequency, intensity, etc.  FWIW, my first DS was born 10 days late after 17 weeks of Braxton Hicks haha.  I think my body just responds this way to prepare itself.
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  • I started getting them (infrequently) early on in the 2nd trimester. I get them more frequently now. I spoke with my OB about it, and she said as long as they are not following a pattern, or super painful right now, I should be good to go. Drink lots of water and rest if they are occurring. Dehydration can certainly provoke them! Being on your feet a lot and being active can also trigger them. But of course, talk to your doctor if you have concerns or if something feels wrong. :)
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  • I was worried about this too, as mine have started already in the last week :(  They started around 17 weeks w/ #1.  But in doing some research, I guess they actually start as early as 6 weeks; some women feel them early, some never feel them.  I will ask my dr about it during my appointment this week as well, but I know last time he said to just stay hydrated and to call if they got painful, more regular, or if I had more than 5 to 6 an hour.
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  • I swear I've been having mild BH for several weeks now...
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  • I just posted a similar question on Jan 2013 board--I see I'm not alone. I started feeling them at 22 weeks and then yesterday I had 5 in one day, which seemed like a lot. I also had an ultrasound at 18 weeks, and the tech said that I was having braxton-hicks while she was doing her scan (I didn't feel them though, probably because baby/uterus were smaller then). Haven't talked to my dr yet but I read that as long as they're not painful, regular, or accompanied by period-type back cramping, you're ok.
  • Mine started at 20 weeks with DS. Drinking water helped.
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  • I started having them probably around 21 weeks but didn't really recognize them until closer to 24 weeks. I figured it was just baby making himself comfortable or something along those lines. I asked my dr about it and she said it was really normal and that in later pregnancies I'll get them even earlier. She did send me in for an ultrasound just to check and make sure my cervix is still nice and long and it was. It was nice to get another peek at the baby though :) & some peace of mind knowing that all is a-ok.
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  • This is my second, and i was having them at 8 weeks!! As freaked out as i was i went to my OB and she told my it was because A) i was dehydrated and so sick, B) since this was my second they could happen at anytime. She told me as long as they stopped it was okay. So i relaxed a bit. I am now 20 weeks and still having them every now and then, but i don't worry anymore. I kind of laugh.  In my personal experience, as long as they do not progress i wouldn't worry to much, Just make sure you are drinking plenty of water and relaxing when you can.
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  • this weekend I had my first set of BH. I had been in the sun for too long with not alot of water that day, and I was on my feet all day....i just sat down and they stopped..as soon asI got home, laid down, and drank a bunch of water I felt much better
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