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Braxton Hicks already?

Is it normal to be having bh already? This is baby number three but I cannot remember having BH this early with my son or my daughter. Should I be concerned? TIA


Re: Braxton Hicks already?

  • I haven't had any, but I asked my doc about it.  She said it is normal for many woment to have BH around 20 weeks.  Some start as early as 17 weeks even.
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  • I started getting them around 17 weeks. Only one or two a day -- almost 100% of the time at night after I've laid down in bed to relax.

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  • OMG, I just posted this on the second tri board... 

    Hoping some of you can relate! I see my doctor next week so I will ask him then but I'm just trying to see how normal this is. For the past week I've been having BH contractions irregularly (I'm 21 weeks). I'm a part-time cross country coach and sometimes it happens at practice (which doesn't really surprise me because I'm guessing it's related to dehydration). This past weekend DH and I went to a movie and I had about 5-6 throughout the movie. I've had at least 2 a day at very random times. At first I was scared because I didn't have any until about 37 weeks with DS. But they aren't regular and they never seem to increase or continue on for a prolonged time. From what I read online, they can start as early as 2nd tri. It would make me feel so much better if some of you are feeling the same thing... especially if you ahve already talked to your doctor about it!


  • image moosegal:
    I started getting them around 17 weeks. Only one or two a day -- almost 100% of the time at night after I've laid down in bed to relax.

    Mine have been mostly at night too.


  • I've felt them since 16w. Doc said it was normal. She checked my cervix to make sure they weren't doing anything, and sent my urine for a culture because UTI or bladder infections can cause uterine irritation... SO, all that was normal and now her advice is keep hydrated and just make sure I am not having 6 or more in an hour! Tell your doc, but don't freak out would be my advice :) 

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  • This is my third pregnancy also, and I've been having BH since 15 or 16 weeks.  No cause for concern unless they become frequent (more than 4 in one hour)
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  • Yes, this is my 2nd pregnancy. They started about a week ago.
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  • For me they seem to be happening earlier with each pregnancy.  I never had them with #1.  Started around 34 weeks with #2, 20ish weeks with #3, and this time I felt them as early as 15 weeks.  My uterus is just tired and worn out. 
  • I have been feeling them for over a month.  Usually several times throughout the day.  Sometimes I know I am a bit dehydrated.  But I always have them when I lay down at night.  I think I just notice them more then.
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  • I've had them since 16-17 weeks and they come a few times a day. Mine definitely are related to how hydrated I am, so I try to keep up with my water intake as much as I can. I also notice them when I am touching my belly a lot and when I lay down for bed. I was a little freaked out by them too but my doctor recommended staying well hydrated and to contact them if I notice more than 4-5 an hour. Fortunately they haven't been that bad.


  • I started noticing them last week. I don't get them everyday but when I do I would say I get 2-4 per day. My doctor said its very normal. 


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