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Quit bottle cold turkey yesterday

I didn't give my DD a bottle at all yesterday.  She's 14.5 months.  Ped. said it's time to quit.  I offered the sippy with water and milk all day and with meals.  She gladly took the water but was reluctant to drink milk from it.  So her intake of milk was very low for the day (3-4 oz), however she had 2 string cheeses and ate her other regular foods well.  She's on day 2 now, just finished breakfast, sipped water but doesn't want anything to do with milk from the bottle.  I know if I cave and give her the bottle, she'll guzzle it.  I don't want to cave but I hope she gets the hint and starts drinking her milk.
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Re: Quit bottle cold turkey yesterday

  • We just did this last week.  She only got bottles at daycare so they've been dealing with it.  They say she's doing fine?  I am only sending 6oz each day now anyway. 
  • Mine was a little low on milk intake the first couple of days, but she has gradually started drinking more milk from the sippy.  I offer it with meals, but then I keep it in the fridge and offer it to her throughout the day.  I keep a sippy of water out all the time.  She loves cheese so on the days where milk intake is a little low I try to feed her dairy from other sources.  Our adjustment from bottles took about 3-4 days.  
  • Thanks.  I don't want to cave.  I think she'll get the hang of it, I just hope she doesn't get dehydrated.  I keep water out all day too.
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  • It took DD a little while, too... we had a few different sippy cups, and we switched around for a while until we found one that she decided to claim as her own (we got a lot of different ones at the baby shower, and my cousin passed down some other ones).  It'll come, but if you have some different ones, maybe see if LO likes one over the others.
  • My DD is 2 and still has little to no interest in milk (she didn't really have many bottles in her life so the problem isn't/wasn't the bottle transition for her, she just doesn't want to drink milk)

    I always put a few ounces of milk in a regular cup at meals and she usually just says "water!" :-)

     Pedi says its fine.  She doesn't have to drink milk.  She gets yogurt daily and loves everything cheese so she gets enough "good fat" and calcium/ vit. D etc.

    Don't stress too much!

  • Thanks.  Day 2 is going well.  She ate a good lunch.  I just realized now that she's not guzzling milk all day she is eating more.  
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  • I'm just a lurker but we went cold turkey with bottles at 14 months also and it took about 4-5 days before she would drink any milk from a sippy.  Stick with it, you're doing great!
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  • I had gone cold turkey on DD as well. She took a few days to take milk from a sippy but it balanced out! Maybe try a different style sippy (like one with a straw) to associate with milk? 

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