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Recommend a vitamin for young toddler?

Do you give your lo a vitamin, if so which kind? I tried one that made him sick. I was wondering are any easier to tolerate and also maybe easier to take then a liquid? Tia! And does anyone take anything extra like vita D or Vita C echinacea ? 

Re: Recommend a vitamin for young toddler?

  • We use child life liquid multivitamins which has vitamin c and d in it. LOs yogurt also has vitamin d and omegas. I think you may want to wait till LO is older for herbal vitamins.
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  • LO takes a prescribed multi vitamin with fluoride and I give her sweet echinacea drops....
  • Make sure you talk to your pediatrician first to make sure your baby isn't getting too much or too little of certain vitamins.

     We used Poly-Vi-Sol with Iron for a while, but then LO got put on PediaSure (really poor weight gain), so the vitamins were discontinued (the PediaSure has all of her vitamins in it).  The Poly-Vi-Sol was a liquid, and we put it into just a couple of ounces of milk or juice and she'd drink it right down.  I don't know how, because that stuff tastes nasty (because of the iron), but it worked for us!  If your LO needs iron, read the labels very carefully.  None of the gummy vitamins contain iron, and most of the liquids don't either!

  • DS takes Gummy Vita Critters. He really likes them and we've never had a problem with chewing/swallowing them. They taste good too!
  • We use Rainbow Light vitamins with DS. I use their prenatals with great success and still use them to this day. I think they offer a really comprehensive product that is easy on the stomach.


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