1st Trimester


Ugh! Here I am on my 5th week trying to hide this from everyone at work but my belly is constantly trying to give it away :((( Why do I look like I'm 3 maybe even 4 months pregnant?!?!

How long for bloat to go away for you? What can I do??

Edit: Geez I can't type or make sentences!

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Re: bloat!!!

  • I'm the same way! 

    Wear baggy clothes, maxi dresses, oversized flowy tops, and shirts with more of a print.

     Hopefully it goes away soon-ish. If it doesn't we'll be able to say we are pregnant in less than 2 months :)  

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  • I've got the same problem. It's a good problem though : )


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  • I'm huge! I'm a 36d and if I don't wear a bra...my stomach stands out further...Lol....granted, the girls aren't exactly as high as before I had my daughter!
  • I'm the same. Trying to keep it a secret for another 3 weeks for. Big family surprise reveal but it's getting difficult even with my flowy tops.


  • I know! I felt a ton of bloating right after I concieved. I just measured myself and gained 3 inches on my waist/hips in the last few weeks. Ugh! My wardrobe normally consists of empire tops and cute zip up hoodies, and a good trick for your non maternity pants is to use a rubber band in place of your button hole, so they give you a little wiggle room. Most of my pants are stretch denim anyway so i dont really have that problem yet. I have a wedding to goto this weekend, and I have no clue how im going to fit into my spanx.. if I dont I might give away that im prego.

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  • OMG!!! I was just logging in to write the exact same thing. I feel soooo bleh, because of bloating. I am a 6 weeks, and trying to hide it for at least another 6 weeks before telling friends. (We are telling my parents this weekend and my hubby's next weekend, but ONLY because both sets of parents live out of state and we will see each on those weekends.) We REALLY wanted to get past the 12 week mark before telling anyone, but with the way I feel/look now, I'll be lucky to get to 9 weeks before my bff (who works with me) starts asking. :-P


    I really don't want to sound like I am complaining because we are both super psyched, but this is just a strange feeling/look. lol 

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