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eczema OR cow's milk allergy?

Hi. I took DS to his 2 month check up today and dr. is concerned with his skin. He is red and rough :( under his neck and behind his ears are the worst places. We went last week and NP said, stop using Johnson n Johnson, so we did.  Today the dr. said to use hydrocortisone cream on the bad spots and no lotions. We supplement with Similac organic only 10 oz a day and he said because its derivative of cows milk it could be a milk allergy. so confusing! Everything I read on milk allergy is blood in stools, spitting up etc. We have none of that. His poop just changed from yellow to slightly greenish when we introduced the formula, but that's normal...any advice or similar siutation? Thanks!

Re: eczema OR cow's milk allergy?

  • With DS the first thing noticeable was his skin/eczema problem. We also used cortizone on the bad spots. Then I noticed almost like a mucus in his stool and the green color as well. It took 2 months before it progressed to blood in the stool and that's when we were diagnosed with the MSPI. I knew something was wrong all along but the drs kept telling me everything was normal. I honestly wish DS would have been diagnosed back when the eczema initally started. It would have saved him from 2 more months of suffering. Hope that helps.
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  • Thanks for the advice ladies. Today he got all those shots, and his poop is consistent of BM type, but green. So I am not sure if it is the shots, or the fact that we introduced more formula this weekend. Sad   I will just keep an eye out. I am hoping, hoping for just exzema.


  • Sounds like all of us moms who have been through it are going to tell you to be extra cautious. Dd had bad eczema for months. Never any visible blood in her stool. Maybe they were mucousy or a weird color but for her they were normal so we never knew any different. She got hives after trying yogurt, still had some eczema after clearing out dairy and we discovered wheat and nut allergies too. I wish I hadn't listened to the docs telling me that some babies just have sensitive skin. Trust your insticts!!
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  • Eczema is a major sign of milk allergy. Unfortunately you cant really test for it till 6 mo. Did they do a poop test? You wont see the blood in the poo. They have to test for it. It takes 2 min and can help you bypass a ton of other what if situations... If there is blood you switch to hypoallergenic formula. It sounds like eczema though. My LO had/has it bad. She had major allergy issues. Don't try soy either. If it is a milk allergy, 70% of babies with ma also have soy allergy... mine did. Lotion helps mine, but I use some really sensitive kind. Just for baby eczema. Helps with cradle cap, too. I put it on her ears too. Spitting up is pretty common too... Green and stinky is the norm for those special formulas... Use Aveeno baby or cetaphil for baths. GL!


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