Pregnant after IF

Feeling tired already!

And I thought I had a good night's sleep!  I'm feeling like I'm dragging this morning.  Any good ideas for a pick me up?  I had a Boost and some cottage cheese for breakfast.  Still feeling so sleepy!

In other news, I am wearing maternity pants at work today, I'm only 7 weeks!  I have a long sweater over it so you can't even tell.  But I feel oh so comfy! 

Me:40 AMA, DH:36 0% morph, TTC#1;
BFP#1 4/2011, MMC 6/2011 11wks Trisomy 13;
BFP#2 11/2011, CP
FSH: 17.9, AMH: 2.2
IVF#1 w/ICSI: ER 4/3: 5R,4M,4F
ET 4/6 All 4 (1-8A+, 2-8A-, 1-3A) BFP#3
Two weeks of beta hell = Blighted Ovum
IVF#2 Aug/Sept: ER 8/27: 4R,3M,3F
ET 8/30 (1-8A+, 1-6A+)
Beta#1 9/10: 350; Beta#2 9/12: 796; Beta#3 9/20: 9155
Expecting Boy/Girl Twins! My babies were born 4/23/13 at 36w1d!


Re: Feeling tired already!

  • I have been feeling sleepy most days for the past two weeks. Although you are a head of me on the maternity wear - just wearing one size larger jeans with them unbuttoned at my desk... but thinking of investing in a bella band soon!

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    TTC #1 Since June 2007
    April 2008 Diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility
    5 failed IUI cycles
    2009-2011 IF Treatment Break - saving for IVF and TTC on our Own... Praying for a miracle

    IVF (Long Lupron) Bravelle & Menopur, ER on 11/4 (Retrieved 17 eggs - 16 mature & 16 fertilized!)3dt on 11/7 (Transfered Two "perfect" 8 Cell 0% Frag Embryos) = BFFN

    Nov 2011 - July 2012 Taking time off to heal before FET
    (We have three beautiful frosties waiting for us)

    FET August/September 2012 = BFP!!!
    ET (8/31) 2 Expanded Blastocysts & 1 Collapsed Blastocyst
    Beta#1 (9/14) 14dp5dt = 1309 Beta#2 (9/19) 19dp5dt = 7557!! 1st U/S (9/28) 1 Beautiful Heartbeat! 8 Weeks 2 Days 2nd U/S (10/9) Heartrate=184!!! EDD: 5/19/13

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  • At your stage I could sleep for 9h overnight, have a 3h afternoon nap and then still feel like I couldn't get up to pee I was so tired. It will eventually get better....

    Me: 32 (DOR) DH: 30 (azoo)
    TTC since 09/10

    Found sperm! 12/11 after 10 months of FSH and hCG injections
    IVF #1 04/12 - cancelled

    Surprise BFP on DHEA 06/27, Beta #1 1718 06/28!!!!
    Baby boy arrived March 11, 2013

    IVF/ICSI #2 on DHEA 10/13 - 8R, 3M, 1F. Polypectomy  11/13.

    FET 01/14...BFN
    Was OAD but am now exploring options 09/14-

  • I am exhausted today, despite getting almost 9 hours of sleep last night.  

    I just ordered a bunch of stuff from ON and Gap bc they were having 35% off if you used your ON card.  I also got some stuff from Lands End that isn't maternity but included some nice stretch pants and leggings. 

    Married July 2011; TTC since April 2011; DX: MFI
    IVF #1 in August 2012: BFP!
    L was born on May 5, 2013, 8lb. 6oz.
    PAIF/SAIF welcome!

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  • I wasn't exhausted in the 1st tri, just a little more tired than normal (I was very lucky). I made sure to get plenty of sleep at night, worked an extra half hour to an hour at work to make up for putting my head down at lunch for a bit and also made sure to go home and lay on the sofa and either relax or nap after work. It's super hard work in the 1st tri and you deserve to sleep and relax as much as possible! And very nice about the maternity pants - comfort is key. Don't be shy about wearing what you feel comfy in.


    TTC#1: 4/2010 - Me: 31 DH: 31 – unexplained
    9 medicated/monitored cycles = BFN | IVF 1.2 = BFP!!
    Beta#1: 162 | Beta#2: 535 | Beta#3: 2,445 | Beta#4: >9,000!

    Sophie Joy was born 2/10/2013

    TTC#2: 2/2014 - pre-testing completed to prepare for FET#1. Surprise BFP the cycle before FET!!
    Beta#1: 301 | Beta#2: 612 | Beta#3: 3,200 | Beta#4: >11,000!

    Praying for my sister, RunCC37, to have her own miracle!


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  • i got super sleepy right away!!! and yayy for maternity pants
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    missed miscarriage nov 2006- 4 failed clomid cycles-
    3 failed femara iui cycles-
    moving on to IVF oct 2011
    ER nov. 7th
    tansfered 2 blasts on 11/10
    lots of +hpt!!
    beta #1 on 11/21= 50.4
    beta #2 on11/23= 90.8
    another miscarriage 12/23
    moving on to Round 2 of IVF with an auto immune dx
    ER 4/23-retrieved 12 eggs
    ET 4/28 3 transfered
    Beta #1- 356
    Beta #2- 870

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  • The constant tireness was about the only symptom I didn't experience in 1st tri, but there were some days when I was more tired than others.  What I would do is try to take a quick walk around the parking lot and drink a lot of cold water.  It would help give me a little bit more energy to make it through my work day.

    I was in maternity clothes very early on and it was the best thing every.  Bella bands and/or the rubber band trick only got me through the first 3 wks and after that it was just too uncomfortable.  There's no shame in wearing maternity clothes so soon.  Enjoy it!



    DS1 born July 2002 (previous marriage).

    TTC since Oct 08. DH Dx w/testicular cancer March 09.
    MFI due to retrograde ejaculation/azoospermia.
    5/2 IVF #1 cancelled due to large follie.
    6/14 start Lupron for IVF #1.2. 6/22 start stims.
    7/4 ER and Biopsy.
    7/9 Transferred 2 (1-4BB and 1-3BB) embryos.  4 frosties.
    7/15 +HPT 6dp5dt. 7/18 Beta #1: 193. 7/20 Beta #2: 415.
    8/10 1st u/s - It's triplets!

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  • Totally normal... I've been exhausted for e past 3-4 weeks!! No advice for a pick me up though... friends keep telling me a small cup of coffee, but having gone through IF, I'm not sure how I feel about things that aren't necessarily recommended during pregnancy!
    Skylar Elena and Hollyn Isabella... our two beautiful blessings arrived April 18, 2013!
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  • I feel ya! I'm only going on my 5th week and I've been taking naps almost everyday for the past 2 weeks. But my Dr said that since I'm on progestrone, it tends to make you a little more sluggish. But remember mama.... your body is working extra hard to make Jr. Try to get as much rest as possible!

    Married 11/28/01. Me: 31- Elevated FSH 9.1 Hubby: 35- Low sperm count/mobility/ RA meds. TTC since Oct 2010. BFP- Nov 2010, ended in MC Dec 2010. Laporoscopy for possbile ectopic/D&C. TTC again since March 2011- no success. Fertility Dr- May 2012. Lots of B/W, HSG, Laporoscopy. All came back normal. Determined it was a male factor. IUI#1- Sept 2012. Clomid, 2 shots of Bravelle, 1 trigger shot of Ovidrel and daily progetrone suppositories. 4 Follicles,3 good ones, 1 small one. TWW.
  • When I was at your stage I would be comatose on the couch everyday after work and in bed super early. It will get better!
    ~ Me, 30 DH, 32 ~ TTC since Oct 2009 septum resection 3/2010 stage IV endo 8/2011 IVF #1 1/25/12, 2 transferred, 2 frozen - BFN FET 2/22/12, 2 transferred - BFN IVF#2 5/12, transferred 3, froze 5, BFP! Beta 1: 151, Beta 2: 282 Cerclage placed @ 17 weeks due to shortening cervix, modified bed rest until delivery SAIF/PAIF always welcome image It's a girl! ~ Clare was born 1/31/13
  • Yeah, I can't believe how I'm dragging @ss these days. Thankfully, my pregnant RE told DH just how debilitating it is. So, he's being awesome and just doing the cooking/dishes/housework while I nap.
    AMA over 40
    Massive uterine fibroids removed 3/06
    BFP 1/11; MM/C discovered @ 10w, loss at 6w; Cytotec
    B/W 7/11 = normal CD3, FSH 8.9; 7DPO progesterone 1.7
    Three Clomid cycles, all BFN, Off to an RE for me...
    FSH=8.7 E2=30 AMH=1.8 HSG clear, SA=great
    Inj. IUI #1 12/9/11 BFN, Inj. IUI #2 1/6/12 BFN
    Inj. IUI #3 1/30/12 BFP!, HCG doubled through 6w, 7w u/s mm/c twins
    Factor V Leiden, Hetero, symptomatic
    Op Hysteroscopy 5/12, removed scar tissue and uterine septum
    Doing Cryo-DE IVF 
    Beautiful hatching 5-blast transfered 8/30
    BFP 9/7/12 EDD May 19, 2013
    A/S on 12/21/12, Petra's having a baby, it's the end of the world!
    Pebbles arrived safe and sound 4/13. Placenta accreta found.
    Op hysteroscopy 2/7, reopen ute/remove adhesions from accreta
    Found severe Ashermans. Fuuuuuuu... Repeat Op Hyst in March.
    Op Hyst ver 3.0 looks good so far, find out if it worked in June.
    Finally got the damn IUD out. Waiting to stop bleeding.
    SIS shows rippled funky shaped ute, but given clearance to begin sFET calendar.
    Here goes everything...
    sFET#2 BFP, ended in m/c.
    Waiting for the next Op Hysteroscopy to find out what next.
    Scratch that, retained tissue. 3rd Cytotec round.
    Another damn Op Hyst. Found and removed retained tissue.
    Pathology returned fine, no molar. Cleared for final attempt after next cycle.

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    "Petra, you are an obese 40+ year old. Stop jumping through these hoops. Just adopt already. There is no shame in that." -Deethebee
  • You just have to give in to the exhaustion - there really is no choice. I didn't do laundry for 2 months and DH did ALL the housework and cooking while I slept and slept. It's not easy or fun, but you will come out the other side in 2nd tri. Enjoy the naps!!!
    ttc since 2/2010 ~
    me (36): Hypothyroid (on Levothroid), low vit. d, borderline/high fsh (day 3: between 7-10) (day 10: 13 during CCCT), AFC: 14
    dh (31): awesome (minus one sample with agglutination)
    Diagnosis:possible DOR and/or unexplained + elevated NK cells + MTHFR (C677T - one copy)

    MAY 2011 - FEB 2012 - 3 injectable IUI's with numerous cancellations due to high TSH levels
    MAY 2012 - onto IVF/ICSI (Antagonist Protocol) on BCP and Folgard (3 week delay - cyst - boooo) 5/21 start stims 5/30 ER 11R 8M 3F 6/2 3DT of 3 6/12 Beta #1 83 | 6/14 Beta #2 196 | 6/21 Beta #3 3818 | 6/28 Beta #4 22,213 | 7/2 1st U/S - 2 on board! 8/24 CVS reveals that we have a boy AND a girl on board!

    Healthy baby boy and girl born in February, 2013 at 38 weeks and 2 days!

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  • image solarflare:
    You just have to give in to the exhaustion - there really is no choice. I didn't do laundry for 2 months and DH did ALL the housework and cooking while I slept and slept. It's not easy or fun, but you will come out the other side in 2nd tri. Enjoy the naps!!!

    This was me! Exhausted.all.the.time. I'm finally feeling better where I can at least function throughout the day. Get the rest if you can! 

    Unexplained IF
    IVF #1 3dt 3embies 2/17. +HPT 10p3dt.
    Beta #1-70, #2-130, #3-737, 7w5d no HB :( D&C
    Ivf #2 June ER 6/13 ET 6/18 1 blast 2 morulas
    6dp5dt - BFP!
    Beta 6/27 - 146
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