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Doctor Who - The Angels Take Manhattan

First - Wow.

Second - I totally cried and thoroughly blame my hormones!

I absolutely loved this episode - loved the mystery, suspense, the angels totally freaked me out (it's their teeth and stealthiness), loved the plot and seeing River again.

Honestly, I'm still haunted by the final scene with Rory and Amy in the cemetery though - I woke up at 5:19am this morning (due to DD), and I couldn't get back to sleep without that scene still running through my brain.  Wow.  Even now - it's still firmly entrenched - seeing Rory's name on the tombstone and Amy trying to say goodbye.

DH commented though that he found it odd that the Doctor seemed to be more of a bystander in this episode than the normal driving force that he is.  (Even though most of it was due to his not wanting to let Amy go.)

Overall - I've been waiting for an episode this season to really get all of the elements together again, and hopefully this will be a jumping off point.  As for good-byes, I still say that David Tennant's final episode is the most I've ever cried with DW, and we also can't forget Rose's teary good-bye either.

Now we just have to wait until Christmas for the new companion to arrive and we're off and running in Series 7 Part II.

So what did you Ladies think?

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Re: Doctor Who - The Angels Take Manhattan

  • I did cry as well, but more when the Doctor read the end of the book that Amy wrote.  I did feel bad though for Rory...he didn't really get a good-bye.  He just vanished into thin air whereas Amy was able to say good-bye to the Doctor and River.  I feel like Rory was cheated but it's not something new really.  I feel like he was cheated more than he needed to be throughout the whole season. 

    I also kinda felt like the Doctor was a bit wussy-ish.  I mean, he can't see River's broken wrist?  How else does he expect her to get free?  He has to expect his companions to get hurt sometimes and leave him too.  They can't travel with him forever.  You'd think by now he would have grown a pair and been able to deal with it better.  Maybe I'm being too harsh.  I just didn't care for that bit.

    I am very glad though that they weren't killed off.  I mean, they sort of were in a way but they were together until the end and it wasn't like they died too young.  They were able to live out their lives together.

    It's going to be so hard to wait until Christmas!

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  • Surprisingly, I didn't cry. Yes, it is sad for the Doctor to lose his companions, but of course none of them can stay forever.

    It is sad that Rory didn't get to say good bye, but at least he wasn't alone, Amy chose him and was able to grow old with him. I feel bad for his Dad who has been around in the last few episodes,  he didn't get to say good bye to either of them.At least River was there as well being their child. And they had to be gone in a situation where the Doctor couldn't visit them all the time and I think they did a good job in doing that, just like they did with Rose and Donna.

    Angels freak me out. I think that if I were there in the situation is what freaks me out most.  it was weird to see the Statue of Liberty as an angel too!

    I am looking forward to the Doctor getting a new companion as that always changes elements of the show, depending on their relationship. should be interesting to see what happens at Christmas. 

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  • I cried like a baby. Rory has been my favorite of the companions so far. He is so innocent and happy. 

    I hate that Amy and Rory are gone and I hate how much it tore up the doctor. I am very happy, however, that they weren't killed. They were just sent back in time to live out the rest of their years together. I think the next companion needs to be TV gold to win me over for sure.

     As for the weeping angels I am glad that they were the end of Amy and Rory since they've dealt with them so often. I did not, however, like the statue of liberty.... it didn't move when no one was looking at it... It was just here to look menacing I suppose. 


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  • When Rory disappeared in the cemetery I started welling up, but then when Amy choose to be w/Rory the tears just RAN.  At first I thought, this sucks, but the more I thought about it I realized it was the PERFECT ending.  Yes, in this reincarnation the Doctor belongs w/Amy, however, Amy belongs w/Rory, and Rory belongs w/Amy. We all know that if this ended tied up in a nice red bow Amy and Rory would never have a "normal life."  They would have traveled with the doctor and he would have seen them age and die, and the Doctor has seen way to many people he loves die.  This way he knows they are happy and together. 

    I loved that they made the doctor and River so "teeneragie"  This is the first time they've acknowledged that they are a married couple.   And I love that scene in the park when Amy and Rory start to make out and the Doctor gets all grossed out.  HAHAHAHA

    It was a toss-up for me on which was more creepy,The Angles or The Silence but it's been decided, the giggling cherubs beat them both out.

    The new companion has a lot to live up to, for me at least.  My favorite companions so far have been Rose, Amy and Rory, so it remains to be seen how the new companion will live up to my high expectations.  LOL

  • I didn't get to watch it Saturday night, so I looked up *spoilers* (said in River's voice) from the UK viewers on Saturday afternoon. I'm so bad about things like that.

    I'm still not sure how I feel about this episode, after seeing it. I cried at the end when Rory disappeared AND when Amy touched the angel. I loved the ending of the episode, since it tied so well with the end of the first episode with The Ponds. And the fact that we know what the Doctor told little Amelia when he returned. I wish we knew exactly what he said and how much Amy knew the whole time. 

    I usually enjoy the River/Doctor interactions, but I really though Eleven was acting like a childish brat towards her. I know he didn't want Amy to go, but still.

    I was sad to see The Ponds go, but even more sad that the Doctor was alone again. I know River went with him, but she won't stay. And he'll get a new companion, but apparently she ends up being a Dalek or something. After the whole tragedy with Ten about Rose and Donna leaving and being gone forever, it just makes me sad for him (yes, I'm sad for a fictional character! absurd, but true!).

    I'm ready for Christmas and meeting the new companion and seeing what she has in store for the Doctor.This waiting is torture! Waiting for December for two reasons is going to make it go super slowly :P


  • The ending of Amy and Rory was not at all how I thought it would have been. I agree with PP on how the episode ended, with Amy choosing Rory and how they lived out the rest of their lives happy and fully. I was not a fan of the suicide scene of them jumping off the building together. To me it was such an iconic moment and I personally felt like to glorified suicide a bit, but I totally understand how it fit into the story. And I like that they didn't make it gruesome looking.


    I was just talking to a coworker this morning who was saying that he didn't understand why the Angels were more interested in Rory than the Doctor in this episode. My husband pointed out that Rory has so much time energy because he stood guard for Amy for 2000 years. And then we realized that he has technically lived longer than the Doctor! Just weird to think about.


    I didn't feel like the Doctor was a secondary character in this episode, but instead that the four of them all had equal roles. Which is kinda great because they are family, with River being their daughter and being the Doctor's wife. I loved how supportive she was in the last scene, telling Amy to go and kissing her on the hand.


    Surprisingly I didn't cry. But I normally don't the first time around for really intense Doctor Who scenes. I think it's because I'm not exactly sure what is about to happen so I kinda sit in awe. Hahah! But I know this will be added to other "good-bye" episodes, like Rose on the beach and the Tennant goodbye, that I put on and weeeeeeep every time.


    I'm excited for the Christmas special! What's crazy is that I'll have 2 week to month old daughter to watch it with! I'm due Dec. 3, so she will definitely be here by then.

    Doctor who was actually one the ways I was mentally able to measure the length of the pregnancy. Ha! Not knowing that we would see Oswin in episode one, one of the first realizations after the positive test was - "We are going to meet our child, before we meet the new companion!" Haha!

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