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First IUI....scared of a long road!

Where to begin.... My husband and I found out that he had male infertility... low sperm count, low motility and low morphology.  We just had our first IUI and I'm realistic that with our numbers, it is a slim chance I'll get pregnant. But, we had to give ourselves a chance before traveling down the IVF road. Hope others can shed light into their experiences for us... :)



9/25-1st IUI (natural): 22mm follicle, w/trigger shot, 3.5 mil washed

9/26-2nd sample: 9/26, follicle collapsed, 2.4 mil washed

Time  waiting for results... two weeks seems agonizing!



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Re: First IUI....scared of a long road!

  • Well, at least you are having these issues adressed. I hope you will have a BFP soon enough.
  • Good Luck - You may get more responses from the TTGP or 3T board....

    Happily married since May 21, 2005.
    DH - 33; Me - 32
    TTC #1 since April, 2011.
    DH: S/A Great
    Tilted uterus and "hostile" CM - Low LH and Progestrone
    IUI #1 - October 23, 2012 + Prometrium = BFN
    IUI 2.1 & 2.2 (November 19-20) - Clomid 50 mg + Ovidrel + IUI + Prometrium = BFN
    IUI 3.1 & 3.2 (December 17-18) - Clomid 100 mg (1 follie) + Ovidrel + IUI + Prometrium = BFP.....EDD 9/9/13....6wk & 2 day - Heard/Saw Heartbeat - 104 bpm! YAY! BabyFruit Ticker
  • I would say not to worry, but I completely understand.  My DH and I (both 40) didn't want to wait for mother nature due to our ages (and they won't let you use your own eggs after 43) so after 3 months of trying after marriage (per my OB recommendation) we sought out a RE for testing.  We did all the tests and we're both fine (TG!) so we were listed as "unexlained infertility."  We did one IUI with no success, missed two months more with early ovulation and cysts and on our third try were successful!  I didn't think it would work this time around because my DH's sperm report was just horrible!  I don't know what he ate (LOL) this time around but his numbers all crashed.  The Dr. told me not to worry, after washing it got better and he said that he was putting them where they needed to go so I didn't need to worry about speed.  He was right!

    I had a different Dr. for the 1st IUI and the new Dr. made me do two things differently the 2nd time.  I laid around ALL day after the IUI and the Dr. made me have a full bladder during insemination--he said it pressed down on the uterus and put it at the "right" angle.

    Your ages are perfect for IUI and from everything I've read, there's a lot of success with the procedure over time.  Sending lots of baby dust to you!!

    me:40; DH:41; 4/30/12 1st visit with RE; 6/30/12 IUI #1 BFN; 7/19/12 IUI cancelled (overmedicated); 8/2/12 IUI cancelled (cyst); 9/1/12 IUI #2 BFP! EDD 5/28/13; 10/9/12 1st U/S at 7w3d--missed m/c (trisomy 16) D&C 10/19/12; karyotyping results normal!; 1/31/13 IUI #3 BFP! EDD 10/25/13 Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers Lilypie Maternity tickers
  • Thanks for the response and congrats to you! So exciting! fingers crossed!!!
  • We have been trying for two years with the help on a RE and had our first iui on 9/8/12. Found out last Friday we are pregnant! I am the problem rather than my husband so a little different scenario but i wish you the best of luck! The best thing my doctor told me is that i am doing everything i can do and i should be confident in that. Otherwise its out of our control. Good luck! 
  • Hi there! Stay positive. You just never know. We almost have a similar story. I'm 31 and my hubby is 35. We've been TTC for almost 2 years. Finally saw a F/S. After several tests it was determined that it was Male Infertility. We had our first IUI on Sept 12th and as of Sept 26th, we got finally got our BFP!!! We had 12 million I think after wash. I was on Clomid for 5 days, then 2 shots of Bravelle,1 trigger shot of Ovidrel. My dr suggested this instead of just clomid. Taking shots alone would have been too expensive, so this at least was a little of both. Now I'm just on progestrone suppositories until we got a heartbeat. Remember, stay positive! I know the TWW is hard. Stay busy and have faith that all will go as planned.
    Married 11/28/01. Me: 31- Elevated FSH 9.1 Hubby: 35- Low sperm count/mobility/ RA meds. TTC since Oct 2010. BFP- Nov 2010, ended in MC Dec 2010. Laporoscopy for possbile ectopic/D&C. TTC again since March 2011- no success. Fertility Dr- May 2012. Lots of B/W, HSG, Laporoscopy. All came back normal. Determined it was a male factor. IUI#1- Sept 2012. Clomid, 2 shots of Bravelle, 1 trigger shot of Ovidrel and daily progetrone suppositories. 4 Follicles,3 good ones, 1 small one. TWW.
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