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Gender Reveal on Facebook - Ideas?

Going for anatomy scan on Friday and I was just going to post "It's a..." with a pic of me wearing either a pink or blue T-shirt, but I'm starting to wonder if there's something else I'd like to do to make it more creative.

Here are a few ideas from what I've seen that might be feasible:

Pick up one or more pink & blue balloons to include in the photo

Write "It's a Girl!" & "It's a Boy!" on pretty paper to hold up to my belly (alternatively, "Team Pink" or "Team Blue"

Simply put in the text of the FB post either "Snips and snails & puppy dogs tails..." or "Sugar and spice & everything nice..."

Post something like "Are we having a little Dolfins Fan or a Seahawks fan?" and then a pic of something related to one team or the other (those who know us well know that DH is the Dolfins Fan & I'm the Seahawks Fan....  could also say "Are we having a Blue Dolfin or a Pink Seahawk?"

Try to find candy or baked goods that are blue & pink (or go with the Almond Joy vs. Mounds thing)

Which of these ideas do you guys like best? Any other ideas that can be used on the fly? There isn't really time at this point to order a cake or throw a party, which I hadn't thought I was going to want. Thanks!

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Re: Gender Reveal on Facebook - Ideas?

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