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Moms of 2- Is this a good price on a (used) double BOB stroller?

Hi Moms-

I've been looking for a used double BOB stroller for quite some time and have finally found one for $320.  It's a 2010 and comes with the cup holder accessory.

Do you think this is a good deal or do you think I could find a better deal, if I hold out a little longer?

The new ones retail for $479-what are  your thoughts??

Thanks :)



Re: Moms of 2- Is this a good price on a (used) double BOB stroller?

  • sounds like a good deal to me as long as it doesn't have any major wear (like a rip, fading from the sun...) 

    Those goes really quick where I live and have great resale value.  

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  • How "used" is it?  I bought a new double BOB for $450 (Amazon).  If it's practically new and in great shape I'd probably say it's a decent deal.  If the stroller is more worn I'd probably recommend you pass and wait for a better deal.  The used Double BOBs I've seen have been cheaper than $320 but they did have some "wear & tear".
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  • If it's in decent shape, I'd probably take it.  It may depend on your area but $320 is less than I was seeing single BOBs go for in my area.  

    ETA: Single BOBs with accessories like the cup holder, rain cover etc 

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  • I've decided to get one new.  I think that the used prices are way too high and I would rather have a new one for resale value. 

    My two boys are getting a surprise May 2015!

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