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Please tell me it's a phase and not forever!!!

Hey guys,

My sweet DD1 has learned the word no.. and she is using it.. and using her vocal chords, and hitting.. and kicking?. What happened!!!

She has started having these horrible fits about 2 weeks ago.. and now Preschool has told us 2 days in a row that she is saying no to the teachers, and yesterday even hit a friend with a doll. ( I know, I want to laugh.. only cause she used a doll.. she?s such a girl).. she clearly knows it?s not ok because as her teacher was telling me what happened, DD came up to me with tears welling up in her eyes.. and when we talk about it later?she knows it?s not ok.

She doesn?t want to use her words anymore, and she says no to DH and I.. she?s not listening and we end up ignoring her.. last night she sat at the dinner table for a half hour by herself crying.. because she wanted to have more rice and veggies and we wanted her to try a small bite of chicken. Then we we finally had enough, we told her dinner time was over?and took everything away.. (we needed to get on w/ the night routine).. she started screaming and crying.. ?I want my supper?.? Over and over.. sobbing through bathtime..

I tried explaining that she had eaten, and that she could have had more if she tried her chicken..

I am feeling lost.. is this what the terrible 3?s are? She was such an angel for the terrible twos, and I have heard the 3?s are worse? I want my sweet child back.

Her teacher said she really thinks it?s a phase.. but I am struggling with this. I miss my sweet loving girl.

 Each morning we talk about how to listen to teachers, mommy and daddy.. that we don?t say no when we are told to do something by those people.. and that we don?t hit? and it seems to work for the first part of the day.. but then she loses it..

 We verbally praise EVERY small thing she does too..


And.. I was thinking maybe it was rebellion on her 3 month old sister--- but she is so sweet and loving to her sister.. I just don?t think that?s it..




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Re: Please tell me it's a phase and not forever!!!

  • It sounds like you're handling it well! She's probably just pushing her boundaries to see what she can get away with. Consistent consequences to the actions are the only thing that worked for us. My DD is almost three and started all of this recently and no amount of explanation would work. She just had to know what was going to happen if she said "No" one more time haha but it has gotten better, over time!
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  • Welcome to age 3.  It is not fun.  It sounds like you are doing a great job; I think you just have to keep plugging along.  This too shall pass.
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  • It is all about independence at age 3. SHe is testing everyone she is normal. Keep doing what you are doing and praising all the small things she does. Make sure you give her lots of choices on different things throughout the day or give her "jobs" to help out (throwing things out or putting dirty clothes in washing machine, etc) but not things to do with her sister (ie: getting diapers, etc). It will pass...good luck!
  • Apparently my kid has been 3 for about 2 years now...

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