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Come on furbaby, really???

So overall, our furbabies have been really good during this pregnancy. Our cat Lola is quite the princess though, and definitely the alpha dog :P

And sneaky and ninja as she is, she often gets herself shut in rooms or the basement because we don't realize she's there, and she's always fine.

Well, the other night she got shut in Pumpkin's room. NBD, right? Well, I went in there last night to get some stuff (starting to put together what we need for the to-go bag) and noticed the blanket in the nicely made-up crib was messed up, and of course my first thought was dh, but then thought, but why?

So I inspected closer; LOLA had crawled UNDER the blanket, and left a nice little smelly gift! And a couple other little spots she'd dragged it! She's NEVER done anything like that before! Needless to say, I wasn't too happy with her, and she knew it too! And all the bedding got thrown in the wash again.

Anyhow, I guess she's getting unhappy with the impending changes! Ugh furbaby, ugh!

Re: Come on furbaby, really???

  • It's funny, my cats name is Lola too and last night she managed to get into the baby's dresser and mess up all the beautifully rolled onesies my mom JUST helped me with. They get weirded the closer we get to our due dates.

     Sorry about the smelly gift. I would be livid.

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  • She steered clear of me the rest of the night! But it was funny, when I was in Pumpkin's room, she just sat in the window sill until I found it, THEN she ran!

    Guess she knows I was pissed, but still love her

  • Oh man!  That is pretty funny though haha.  My dog has just grabbed hold of every stuffed animal we've gotten for gifts... she claims them all as her own.  Guess this LO won't be having any to herself!
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  • It's like cat's have a second sense for these sorts of things.

    Every single thing piece of baby gear we have is from LO#1--except a new co-sleeper.  We just got the co-sleeper made up with clean sheets, set a swaddle blanket in it....and my cat jumped in and puked all over it.

    I joke with DH it sucks being baby #2--all his gear has been puked on by LO#1, and his only new thing was puked on by a cat before he even got to use it! 

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