BF changed my view...

I'm wondering if I'm in the minority here but I always planned on trying to BF but never really felt that strongly about it in general. Now that I'm BF'ing I have amazingly strong opinions on the topic. I'd never push it on anyone or judge them for not doing it but when people say things to me about it (like I said in another post my grandmother was saying she didn't think BM was enough for a baby) I feel much more empowered to stand up for myself. 

Also confession- I once said that I didn't see why women had to BF in public and that even though it is a natural bodily function so is peeing and I don't do that in public. I now want to go back in time and slap myself... multiple times.   I'm so embarrassed to even admit that but i'm glad I got it off my chest... my milk producing chest! haha


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Re: BF changed my view...

  • My perspective has definitely changed after becoming a breastfeeding mom. I didn't really care before, and I didn't really know anything. Now it's been a hobby/vocation for the past 16 months!

    The weird part is my best friend just got married and doesn't plan to have kids for a few years, and she is just clueless. I realize that I was her not long ago, so I say things like "I'll talk to you when you're pregnant. It's okay to not really care at this point." Not in a mean way, just in a ... you don't really get it 'til you're in it way.

  • I'm so glad you feel that way!  I didn't think breastfeeding would be that big of a thing- but it's completely changed my life.

  • I was basically just ignorant about it in general and didn't have an opinion either way. Now, 4 months into it, it's the best thing ever.

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  • I never thought I would become the advocate that I have (in my own little way)...trying to make sure that the women I know have the support they might need to succeed with BFing. I know I wouldn't have been successful without support because it didn't work for us for the first couple of weeks.
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  • I was exactly the same way.  I wanted to BF but was pretty neutral about it.  Now I think it's so awesome and I'm proud of myself for sticking with it!
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  • I knew I wanted to do it and didn't really think that I wouldn't be successful.  My sisters both BFed and had no issues, same with my mom.  It's just what my family does (I realize I'm lucky in that respect).  Pumping however, was different to me.  Foreign.  Unnatural.  Now, I see it as just another way to feed a baby.  I am glad to have that knowledge.  I hope to pass this mindset onto my own children.
  • I feel the same way as all of the PPs! I feel so passionate about it now that I want to get out there and help as many other moms as possible be successful although I haven't found the best outlet to do that in. I get SO excited when my friends/relatives have babies and I can offer some support and advice. I also feel really pround that we have overcome so much and are having success with it despite all the issues!

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  • In college I had a dance professor who was nursing her toddler and did so in public. I found it utterly shocking at the time. I'm now tandem nursing my 2.5 year old and a 3 month old. I'm not brave enough to nurse the toddler in public but I nurse the baby in public without a cover frequently. My younger self would be horrified.
  • My perspective has definitely changed after having my LO and BF.  I always knew I wanted to BF but I never really thought about it and I was never around people who BF.  Now that I have a LO and BF I am amazed at peoples responses to it, especially the older crowd.  Some of them are brainwashed to believe that formula is better for babies than BM!  I find myself being a BF advocate sometimes!
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  • I feel the same way! I always knew I would try to BF my LOs but I never thought I would like it this much. Or that I would form such strong opinions on the subject. I have even talked to DH about maybe going thru the training to become a LC. I would love nothing more than to be able to share this amazing feeling with other moms.
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  • I never felt so passionate about it either. Now I am working on becoming a lactation consultant! :) I also had no idea you could BF while pg. I am going to wean my 19 month old before this baby comes, but for now we are still nursing twice a day!
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  • I'm right there with you! Breastfeeding DS is the highlight of my day and I'm one proud mommy to be able to do that for him. It's sad that's at my WIC office there is only 14% of us that breastfeed, and when I walk in the lady at the counter automatically asks me if I want to change the formula my DS is on. Their so used to all the moms FF that they ask that question on impulse and then are surprised when I say, "No, my son is breastfed." I am so proud of all of us! I never knew breastfeeding would mean this much to me. 
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