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Another Baby?

I thought this looked like the board on which to write this little thought I have.  I want another baby.  My daughter is 6 weeks, and yet I keep having this thought of, "I could do it again."  I'm 37, my dh is 44, and my other dd is 13, we were done!  But now I'm thinking baby again.  OMG what is wrong with me?  Am I the only one who does this or is it common?
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Re: Another Baby?

  • I was wanting to start for another baby as soon as I delivered...

    but we are waiting till the end of the year to start trying

    No, you are not the only one! 

  • I wish I wasn't in the same boat but I am!

    DD is 5 months and I am having to force myself to wait! I am so ready to start trying again, and ready to be pregnant again (now that makes me feel crazy!)

    I have a very unstable job and I have to find a new job before we go down this road again, so luckily that is forcing me to wait. The hard thing is DH says he's ready again to, if my job wasn't an issue.

    So we are waiting until I find a new job, or until April when DD turns 1.

    You are definitely not alone!Big Smile

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  • I don't have kids yet but I've always thought I'd have kids somewhat close together if we can afford it, so it's reassuring that new moms are having these thoughts as well. I had the mistake of bringing it up once to someone who turned me down and said that once I have my first I'll be wanting to wait years and years. 
  • With DD1 I was wanting another as soon as I was getting wheeled into my postpartum room.

    With DD2, She was colicky, reflux, mspi issues. So needless to say, no I don't have the same feelings this time around.

    DH and I have agreed to table any serious discussions of any more children until DD2 is ATLEAST 2 years old.

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  • I think it's normal for women to get baby fever after delivering. They miss the excitement of being pregnant and want it again. If you didn't want another child prior to delivery, I wouldn't even think of acting on it.

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  • Well I think age, finances, and the fact that this one was unexpected will keep me from acting on it, but it is very weird how that works. 
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  • Yeah I had that when DS was around 3 months. We had a good routine, he was sleeping well through the night, he wasn't mobil and pretty easy baby. However 6 months later he was crawling and into everything. I could not imagine having a newborn and a 1 year old that would be crazy. We are now trying for #2 and so happy we waited DS is such a great helper now and not so needy and knows what he can and can't do.
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  • I totally understand.

    With both my babies I wanted another 10minutes after they were born. With DD2, I've been clucky since she was born. I haven't felt as sleep deprived with a new baby as I did with DD1, so that's made a bit difference. 

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  • I wanted another one after my 2nd was born, but we had already agreed to wait at least a year and I'm glad we did.
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  • having a newborn and a 19mo old was really really really rough at times.    It's pretty great now, but those early moments....    :::shudders:::

    I would love another one now... but I want it to come out at a year old.   Already STTN.   No worries of every little cold/sniffle/congestion (is the baby still breathing?!!).    But due to age and $$ now, we are 2u2 and done.


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  • I wanted another after DS turned one. You're not the only one!
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  • I would get H on board first.  He could have some majorly hurt/upset feelings if you were set on 2 and all of a sudden started planning/begging for number three. 

    I'll tell you the same thing I tell others,  enjoy your first baby before you start trying for the second one. 
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