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Clicky Poll: When did you deliver?

Hi Ladies - I'm lurking from November 2012 BMB.  It seems like everyone has an opinion about when the first baby is born in comparison to their EDD.  Some say "you're always late".  So I thought I'd conduct my own research!

I know my baby will come when he's ready, I'm just curious.  TIA :-)


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Re: Clicky Poll: When did you deliver?

  • Ny due date after 2 failed inductions lol


  • My LO was punctual and came on her due date.

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  • image allierhiana1:
    (FTM)  Naturally at 40w2d :)



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  • I never went into labor. My baby was breech, I had a failed ECV, so they just went ahead and did the c/s
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  • SS-I delivered at 35.5 but I was induced because of pre-eclampsia.
  • FTM induced at 40w6d
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  • First time around she came on her own at 40w 4d.  We'll see what happens this time.

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  • We were charting with the Creighton method. Estimated Time of Arrival (based on estimated time of conception/ovulation) was Sept. 9th, and DS arrived Sept. 9th. :) This was our first baby, too (I know folks like to say the first one is always late...)
  • Had a scheduled csection at 37w1d.  DS decided it was time for them to come out at 35w5d.  
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  • He came on his own at exactly 38 weeks.
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  • I was induced because of blood pressure so I don't know how much longer it would have gone. 40w 5days for me!
  • 15 days early.

    Drives me NUTS when people say to FTMs 'You'll probably go late' or 'Labor for a FTM is usually 12hrs+'

    Bullsh!t, just be ready because you never know 

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  • DS was born at 39w exactly.  DD was born at 38w4d.
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  • Went into labor on my own at 40 wks 1 day.

  • With DS1 my water broke 1 week before my due date (1pm).  I had him 6 days before EDD (10a).
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  • DS1 40w2d

    DS2 40w6d
  • My was supposed to be due sept 23,but she came on the 12th.....what a joy!!!
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  • My water broke on September 9 had him exactly 24 hours later on the 10th which was exactly 39 weeks and right in the middle of my uncle and my brothers birthday
  • Water broke at 36w6d and was in labor for 18 hours

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  • For my first little one, my due date was moved up 3 different times by a total of 2 and 1/2 weeks, and i still delivered 2 weeks before the earliest due date. All natural, water broke and within a half hour he was here. Hoping this one comes early too, just not to early that we have to worry about how healthy he will be.
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  • I was one day late, water broke (actually had been leaking for a few days prior)


  • she decided to come 3 days after her due date. it was actually perfect timing because my mother in law was hoping she would wait to be born until she was back from being out of the country. she was able to make it from the airport to the delivery room no more than 10 minutes after our baby arrived! 
  • First baby was at 26 weeks. My other 2 were consider  full term.
  • 41w4d... Scheduled to be induced that morning (8am), but went into labour on my own at 3am.

    If it helps, my midwives said that 80% of women who get an induction date, go into labour on their own that day. 

  • image buffyverrban1:

    If it helps, my midwives said that 80% of women who get an induction date, go into labour on their own that day. 

    This is what happened to me! DS1 was born at 40w6d, it was a Thursday, we had scheduled an induction for the following Monday, and I went into labor that night.

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  • 36w spontaneously, no reason for pre-term, just didn't want to wait any longer I guess
  • 41weeks 3days

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  • I was 41 weeks, exactly! I was scheduled to be induced later that morning and my water broke at 12:51am! Layla Rose made her arrival at 11:53am.. never again do I want to do that.. lol I got Mirena put in at my 6 wk pp checkup. :D DH wants another one, so I told him MAYBE he can convince me otherwise in a few years. very content with my beautiful girl :)

    Besides, he has one who will be starting college (my Step son is 14) by the time Layla will start a lot may change in say..5 years when Mirena needs to come out.

  • I said SS, because I delivered 9 days early, but he was born measuring 40 or more weeks (not just size, but also skin, and alertness, etc.)
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