3rd Trimester

Anyone have a fog-free shower mirror (or a good method) for shaving?

I didn't have one with LO#1 and I don't know how I got through!  I need one because I can no longer see what's going on and it's driving me crazy!

If you have a fog-free shower mirror that you mounted so you can shave your bikini area, where did you get it?

If you have another method, I'd love to hear it ;)




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Re: Anyone have a fog-free shower mirror (or a good method) for shaving?

  • I go by touch...or have your SO do it? If Im really worried about a spot I just stand in front of the mirror. GL!
  • I do as much as I can myself, &then if there are still places I can't seem to get on my own I call DH in to help. 
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  • rubbing a thick slice of cucumber onto your regular mirror before you shower will help it not fog...so I've heard. Never tried but hey if you have one laying around, it won't hurt to try, and if it doesn't...it will smell delicious!
  • i also go by touch or i just get my husband to do it for me, haha!
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  • I have really bad sciatica with a pulled piriformis muscle from this little one, so this has been an issue for awhile!  I can't balance on one leg in the tub anymore. 

    I actually stopped shaving in the shower.  I place a towel on the toilet seat to cushion my butt! I shave (very carefully as to not aggravate my condition) sitting down.  No foggy mirror b/c I'm not in the shower!  It's a little annoying and it takes awhile,  but it does the trick. 

    I'm also a redhead, so hair on my upper legs is really light & soft... so even when I'm not pregnant I can get away without shaving for awhile unless I'm wearing a bathing suit... and even then you can't see anything with the naked eye.   

  • This is really embarrassing to tell but here goes nothing:

    I have a vanity mirror with regular mirror on one side and when you flip it it has a 5x 'zoom' mirror on the other. I happily plop my hiney in the middle of our jacuzzi tub with a cup of water, my shaving cream, and razor. I position the mirror to where I can see my lady bits and get to work.

    I can honestly say it's the easiest for me and DH walked in one day when I was doing this and was like WTF?! and then laughed his a$$ off.


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