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First Time Pregnant In Lewiston


  I am pregnant for the first time and would like some other moms and moms to be to talk to about the stuff I'm going through and what I should be doing to prepare for baby to come home.


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  • Hi I am currently expecting and am due in January. You live in Maine as well?
  • Hey, My name is MaRissa and I'm pregnant for the first time, I live in Lisbon! I'd love to chat sometime!
  • Hello! I'm pregnant for the first time also and feel very clueless. :)


  • Hello! My name is Ashely! I live in blue hill Maine. I am a mommy at 19 years old. I had my little one when I was a senior in hs. Pregnancy seems very scary and overwhelming at first..but I promise you will be in love with you LO once you see him/her on your ultrasounds, feel a kick or when he or she is born. It is hands down the best feeling in the whole wide world. My little girl is such a blessing to me. I couldn't imagine life with out her. She is a little mini me! : yes it is hard but you get used to it. My two things of advice is get as much sleep as you can. And try to baby proof your home! Lol. Good luck! : CONGRATS MONMY!
  • I am a first timer too & live in your area. Feel free to share & ask whatever!
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  • Hi Abby,


    I don't know if you are still looking for other moms, but I'm in Minot and just had a baby boy in November.  I am a SAHM and would love to have another mom to talk to!



  • Let me know if anyone is still around, I'd be interested in getting this group going again!



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  • Hi,

    First timer as well.  Just found out Sunday.  Hate that they make you wait so long to go to the doctor's.  I have so many questions already! Excited for what is to come. 

  • Also a FTM here. I delivered my son at 39w on 3/21/13. Perfect 8lb 0oz with 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes.

    I live in the Greater Bangor area and would love to connect with other FTM's, especially since I am doing this solo for the next few months until Daddy comes home from Afghanistan.

    I'm by no means an expert, but I've already done the pregnancy thing start to finish, so if I can answer any questions for those of you still going through yours, I'd be happy to help. 

    My biggest piece of advice for pregnancy and afterwards is to listen to your gut and your instincts. You know your body and will know your baby better than any doctor ever could. If you're pregnant and something doesn't feel right or normal, don't ignore it. If you're at home with your infant and they're acting odd to you, don't listen if a doctor says it's normal. You know what's normal for your baby, so make sure they listen when you tell them something is wrong and get it checked out.

    Feel free to message me at any time. I'm also on Facebook if you want to look me up. I'll be around trying to get my stupid signature to update instead of giving me the error message a billion times. 

    Thrilled on becoming a First Time Mom!
    BFP 7/18/2012 ~ EDD 3/28/2013
    10/11/2012 - 16w - It's a boy!

  • I am a first time mom and I live in Jay. Just looking to chat and experince things with other mothers.
  • I'm pregnant for the first time also! I am due march 7 and live in brunswick! It's nice to see some other first time moms on here in the same area!
  • Hi! I'm a first timer too, pregnant in Auburn :)
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