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STMs - Diaper bag upgrade? :)

My $35 Skip hop (Target) diaper bag held up amazingly well for 2+ years.

This time around I'm looking to splurge on something nicer. Any suggestions? I looked at a Coach outlet bag and just don't love it...help! Can't make up my mind. :)


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Re: STMs - Diaper bag upgrade? :)

  • Try a Petunia Pickle Bottom or JuJuBe.  I got a JuJuBe a few months ago and LOVE IT!
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  • My big/main diaper bag from S is inexplicably missing. My mom said if I can't find it, she'd buy me a new one. I think I'm going to get a PPB boxy backpack if I end up getting something new. I LOVE my small PPB diaper bag (a crosstown clutch) and get a TON of compliments on it all the time. People don't even realize it's a diaper bag!
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  • I have a PPB that I bought with DD 3+ years ago.  I love it, but I just bought this bad boy:


    in Stone Arbor.  I cannot wait to use it.  It has a ton of room and pockets.  I will have plenty of space for DD and DS's stuff. 


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  • I was given a JuJuBe Be Prepared and I LOVE IT.  It's huge!



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  • I love my Kate Spade Stevie bag. If there is an outlet near you and can go around thanksgiving you can get it for 60-70% off.
  • I ordered one of the thirty one bag purses that works alot like a purse. I really like it!
  • I have a Coach one and don't love it. It doesn't have many pockets and I was always worried about getting it dirty because it is Coach and it is light pink. It was a gift at my shower for DD. I am having a boy this time and have had my eye on a Skip Hop one at Toys R Us that is black and lime and it looks like it has tons of storage :)

  • If I were to splurge on a diaper bag - I would SO get this one! Love love love.
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  • I got a Coach bag for my baby shower. It is gorgeous but seems really impractical; it is heavy, small and the lining looks like it would be ruined by one spill. I searched out and finally found a Carter's bag I had seen a while back and liked that is a large nylon tote, which will work better for two kids, and it was only $20 on clearance. ;)  Have fun shopping! 
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  • I love love love my vera bradley diaper bag!!!

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack!!! :)
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  • image mamaREB29:
    I was given a JuJuBe Be Prepared and I LOVE IT.  It's huge!



    I just recieved my Ju Ju Be Be Prepared in the mail today, ordered it through Amazon after many suggestions on here. It is very nicely made (watch the reviews on youtube). Has memory foam padded shoulder strap and a nice pocket for all of mommy's things. Plus it can fit a ton of stuff if need be and opens really wide for easy access to find things. I love it.

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  • I love the coach bag that I was given at my shower...for a computer bag :-) It doesn't stretch well, so I can't stuff it. The pockets are ok and the lining does wipe clean ok. But I much prefer to take that to client meetings (or to fancy occasions when DD goes with us) and use my Vera Bradley (also a gift) one as I can stuff it, I like the pockets, etc (though I end up just throwing things in.) Both bags do still look brand new, over two years later.
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  • We had an inexpensive Winnie the Pooh bag that we used with DS that broke down right away and our back up was the fairly nice bad that the hospital provided us after DS birth.  It didn't make it a year before it started falling apart.  I decided to splurge this time around, and bought myself a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag.  I went with an older season one that I liked a lot, so that I wouldn't completely break the bank.  It is a beautiful, high quality bag, that I will be proud to carry around.  I never spend this much on a bag, but it really feels good to know I have a quality product.
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  • I just bought a Ju Ju Be BFF and Be Prepared!  SOOOOO excited.
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  • i also really love my kate spade stevie. it's the right size and what i love most is that it doesn't look like a diaper bag, it looks like a purse. it's black nylon and has has patent leather bows on the side pockets.

    A lot of these  patterned diaper bags are NMS because they scream diaper bag to me. I've had a lot of people compliment mine; they're usually pretty shocked when i say "thanks, it's a diaper bag."

  • I splurged and got a Kate Spade Stevie too (half off mind you- I can't fathom spending the $400 on a full price one!!!)... I love this bag.  Super cute, doesn't look like a diaper bag, but functions like one well.  Not a ton of pockets, but enough, and I've also find pockets aren't always helpful.

    I've learned for organization, I need to use small insert bags.  This is true in all of the diaper bags I've had... Which is a lot...

    Jujube packabe- didn't love it.  Too heavy for my taste, also didn't like that it was square.  Bad shape for a diaper bag in my opinion.  Deep makes it tough to keep organized, even with lots of pockets.  Oh and the straps were not comfy either.

    PPB boxy backpack- I had the old style, which wasn't glazed.  I again didn't like the straps (pretty but slippery and not padded), and didn't like the square shape.  Seriously lost everything in it!

    PPB Touring Tote- adorable but too small for two... Same issue with the straps also as the boxy backpack

    Skip Hop Dash- I actually loved this bag and have seriously considered getting the duo as a backup bag but I think my husband might divorce me if I buy another diaper bag!!! =)  (kidding, sort of)

    Also, I like having a backpack option for some outings.  I've decided to replace my DH's daddy bag (we ruined it by drying it) with a nice backpack and inserts.  You could take this idea to any large bag you loved.  Get a diaper changing station (holds diapers, wipes and a pad) a few inserts, throw in a beautiful bag you love, and voila, perfect diaper bag!

    But I really do love my stevie.  They come in TONS of patterns, and I most love that many of them have brightly colored linings which makes finding stuff so much easier!  Oh, but if you prefer the canvas material like I did don't get a light color.  Mine is black & white stripes with faux patent leather bottom and trim... I've realized now that I have to get this bag dry cleaned and it is already pretty filthy on the white parts near the bottom...

  • We bought the Coach diapers bag at the local outlet clearance section.  We love it.  It's between the size of a tote bag and a purse.  It's the only one left over there.  So, we bought it first.  So far, we have no regret and not planning to look for another one. 

  • I know a lot of people like the Kate Spade Stevie, but I'm not a huge fan.  I got one when I had DS1, and I love the way it looks, and it actually worked fairly well for the first few months, but as he got older and needed more (and bigger) stuff, I found myself looking for something else.  It has some nice pockets and compartments, but my main complaint is that it isn't very deep.  The length and width are perfect, but it's shallow enough that when I have it pretty full, stuff seems to fall out all over the place whenever I set it down.  It does have a zipper to keep it closed, but given that I'm accessing it all the time, I don't like always having to zip and unzip it.
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