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I'm Back! Birth Story and Pic.

Hey ladies, I'm back!

Sorry I've been MIA for awhile, we had quite the eventful birth.

Carter Jordan was born Sept 10 2012 at 7:50pm, weighing 9 lbs, 12 oz.

After pushing for 3hrs, 10 mins, we also had to deal with shoulder dystocia. I had about 3 drs twisting and turning and pushing on my body in every way to try to get him out. He had his umbilical cord squished between his shoulder and my bone as well, and had a loss of oxygen for 3 minutes. He was unresponsive at birth. They intubated him, got his vitals back up, and then 25 mins later my fighter spit up that tube and was breathing on his own. Since the hospital I gave birth in didn't have a high level NICU, he was taken within a half hour to another hospital via ambulance, and DH went with. I had a 3rd degree tear and was needed to stay at that hospital that night. I didn't get to hold my baby boy for 6 days after that. It's been a long wait, and he's made it so far and is such a strong boy. His head swelled so bad from being stuck in the birth canal so long, and he had his left clavicle fractured while they were pulling him out. I'm happy to state that his head is a little baby sized head and his MRI came back normal, and his clavicle is almost fully healed. We came back home Tuesday Sept 18th and now just finally settling into a routine.

This was a hard journey, especially because I was expecting a take home baby, and not being able to hold him for almost a week was horrible, I've never cried so much in my life. But I am thankful to God that he heard our prayers and looked after Carter and know that there is a reason why this happened and it will only help make me stronger. I know that this little boy will be sure to have all sorts of injuries/broken bones/obstacles in life that may make his momma cry, so maybe he was just preparing me! :) 

Thank you to those girls who thought of me while I"ve been away! Now a new set of worries evolve, as I poke my little boy every 15 minutes to make sure he's still breathing... (hahaha)

A picture of my big "little" boy.



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