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Learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable

I am having a rough night and need some support please! My three year old sons father left yesterday for another 3 weeks of work out of state, I am 8 weeks pregnant, I have to be to work in the morning, and I just stepped on the scale and realized I have gained nearly 10 pounds in two weeks.                                                                                         Now, I have done some research and know that that is way to fast of a weight gain, obviously. I did start out "overweight" (150 lbs 5'3"). However I do eat very healthy, organic, non-gmo (I work at a local organic grocery) and am active. I will not tell a lie, I have been over doing it since I found out I was with child, but I felt like I needed the extra since I had been dieting for a while before. Unless I am running everyday, I tend to be a little "squishy" and am VERY self- concious about my weight!       

 Heres the deal. While I am reading up on the dangers of weight gain I see posts like "Ive gained 20 lbs but can still fit into XS maternity!!" and the like. Also , there has been an abundance of pregnant women coming into the store with their beautiful big basketball bellies, glowing skin, and beautiful clothing, and not an ounce fat added to their thighs. I had a full-on camel-toe when I put my pants on for work this morning!

ARE THERE ANY OTHER BEAUTIFUL CHUBBY PREGNANT WOMEN OUT THERE? I cant be the only one buying size large maternity clothing right?  As for the weight gain I know for mine and my babies health I need to change something so I dont gain too much.



Re: Learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable

  • I feel your pain! I am 10 weeks, working full time and going to school, and I feel like such a fatty! I don't even want to look in the mirror.

    It'll all be worth it, right? RIGHT????? *le sigh*

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  • Continue eating organic and healthy gmo-free food. I have started out overweight and I hope to gain very little since I have some "extra padding" Enjoy!!
  • I completely understand! I'm the same way. At 5'3" I'm even more overweight than you are and I'm trying really hard not to gain a lot of weight during this pregnancy (it's my first). I get so jealous when I see pretty women in their 8th month of pregnancy having zero fat anywhere on their body. It's like they just strapped on a belly to their skinny self. Ugh, knowing me, I'll probably blow up even more like a balloon. 

    Anyway, my point is that you're not alone. And although it's really really hard, just think about the end result - a healthy and beautiful baby. Just being able to hold a human being that you've created with the person you love will be so worth every pound that was added to your beautiful body!

  • I am 5'5" and also overweight.  I feel your pain as I am feeling much the same way.  I have been trying to eat in moderation but with quitting smoking it is especially hard. Good luck to you.  Know that you are not the only one!
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  • I can relate to this so much. The first two times I was that girl with just a stomach and nothing anywhere else. Not this time! I started out overweight and I am already bigger than a lot of pregnant women I see. I'm not huge or anything but I'm short so I'm looking pretty square.

    I'm also trying to eat very healthy. I'm snacking on fruit and veggies and I'm eating very healthy foods in the proper portions. Too bad I didn't do this more over the last few months. Oh well.

  • It is rare that someone feels beautiful pregnant.  I always get told that I have only gained baby, have a little basketball, etc, but I still feel like I look like total crap!  I hate looking down and not being able to see my feet!  Everyone looks different pregnant, and it isn't for the better... let's face it!  Just stay optimistic about the end result Smile
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  • I started out at 225 lbs. (5'6") and was so angry at myself for not losing at least 20 lbs. before getting pregnant.  I thought it'd take at least 6 months to get knocked up but, nope, it happened the first month my husband and I tried.

    I've gained 3 lbs. in the first tri and my appetite is just starting to really kick into gear.  Yay me.  While I VERY much want to avoid putting on more than 15 or 20 lbs. during the whole pregnancy I also don't want to become a giant stress ball about the issue either.

    So I must face the fact that I will be a whale once I start showing.  I'm already pear shaped and I can't imagine what I'll look like if/when my hips widen more.

    All I can do at this point is be blissfully happy that I'm growing a little person and use humor to get me through the weight gain and body changes. 

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  • OMG, I'm 100% with you on this.

    I'm still up 30 pounds from what I weighed prior to my last pregnancy. I'm killing myself to keep the weight gain at a minimum but have already gained a couple of pounds.

    The extra weight from my last pregnancy combined with the relaxed muscles makes me look like I have a 20 week bump and I started wearing maternity clothes at 6 weeks.

    I'm so self conscious right now and feeling very uncomfortable in my own body. 

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  • Hang in there. My advise would be to try not to focus on the number and focus on what you are eating. If you are eating a healthy diet you are on the right track.

    I am overweight (5'2" and 175) and 6 weeks pregnant. I have put on about 5lbs already but I can tell you that is mostly bloat. I am eating healthy and still staying active. With each of my previous pregnancy I gained less than 15lbs. I had GD both pregnancy so I had to really watch what I ate.  

    Remember that the eating for two is a myth while you shouldn't "diet" a heathly ballanced diet will give both you and your baby what you need.

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  • Ok...so I just woke up this morning and read all your wonderful comments, then stepped on the scale and  its down 5 pounds (my weight has always been drastically different when I weigh myself at night.) So I am probably more on track with my weight gain than I realized.

    So this is what I am going to do ladies! I am putting that scale out in the storage shed and only weighing myself at doctors appointments! Im going to keep eating the delicious foods that are good for me, and go out and buy some bigger cloths!

  • You are not alone in this struggle!! I'm 5'2 148 (at my work out, eat like a bird) weight. I have gained 10-12 pounds; however, my clothes still fit and I went up a bra size at 11 weeks. This is my first, so I don't know what I'm in for. I stopped doing high intensity workouts, I still do zumba, jog 2x week, and walk 3-4 miles a day 5x a week, eat healthy AND STILL have gained this weight. Where was I when this happened ? lol Not in the cookie jar!! lol It's nature, I am going to let it run its course and not obsess about this my whole pregnancy. Good luck ladies, you are beautiful!
  • Virtually everyone gains some chub while pregnant, even the skinny girls. You may just not be able to tell if you didn't know them before. :-)

    Could you be retaining a bunch of water? Both with DD and this pregnancy, I gained 5lbs almost instantly but both times it came off quickly once my body acclimated to the hormones/whatever.



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