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If You follow a GD diet....

Can you recommend some links and meal ideas. MW wants me to start doing GD diet now. 

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Re: If You follow a GD diet....

  • Here are some on pinterest: 


     My personal fave is the pancakes!!!  I ate it for breakfast today and my 1 hr post was 111 (has to be under 130)...  

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  • My meals for the day look like this:

     Breakfast - 30-45 carbs

    Snack - 30 carbs

    Lunch - 30-45 carbs

    Snack - 30 carbs

    Dinner - 30 - 45 carbs

     Key is to pair carbs with protein and or fat to prevent a sugar spike.  Also try to get your carbs from whole grain sources instead of refined carbs.  Also eat every 2-3 hours, keeping things consistent helps your blood sugar levels not to fluctuate too much.  

    These are things that work for me.

    Snack ideas: 1 fruit (small apple, half banana, cup of berries) paired with cheese or peanut butter, light yogurt with 1/3 cup granola, graham crackers with peanut butter

    Breakfast: whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter, whole wheat english muffin with eggs and cheese, 2 nutri grain waffles with peanut butter

    Lunch: Whole wheat pita or wrap with turkey cheese and veggies paired with a side salad or a small handful of chips 

    Dinner: I've done really well with red potatoes so a lean meat with sauteed red potatoes (I can have about 5 small red potatoes), tacos with low carb tortillas, burgers or turkey burgers on a whole wheat bun,  a whole wheat pita pizza with any toppings you want



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  • I get my most from breakfast- eggs, meats, special bread with PB (look for "Carb Smart" or Low-carb breads)

    Snacks: nuts, handful of chips, Nutrigrain bars, sugar-free popsicles and fudgsicles, 1/2 cup ice cream, crackers with pepperoni and cheese, light yogurt, etc...

    Lunch: Usually a sandwich on low-carb bread with something crunchy (handful of chips or something)

    Dinner: I can get away with thin crust pizza if I eat a bunch of hot wings (protein) with them... or I do a protein (chicken, steak, etc) with a veggie or salad and applesauce or a slice of low-carb garlic bread. 

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  • Oh, and I noticed that my "triggers" for high numbers are especially in the AM- I can't have fruit or sugars (like no cereal or bananas, grapes, etc).  You'll learn quickly what triggers a spike for you.

    I also drink a lot of sugar free sodas (I need the caffeine!)  Pepsi Max, Coke Zero, Diet Sprite (can't tell the difference!) 

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  • Get some dreamfields hope thats how you spell it pasta its a lifesaver.
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  • www.sparkrecipes.com has meal suggestions for all different types. your sugars are included in your carbohydrates so make sure your watching your carbs! I too cant eat cereal or any fruits for breakfast because it makes my numbers spike.
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