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Experience with Hand, Foot and Mouth??

The little girl at the home daycare with my DS has this and is off for the rest of the week (poor thing).

Anyways, DS seems fine - doesn't seem to have the symptoms I've been reading (spots on hands and feet in mouth, sore throat, not eating), at least not yet.

Here is my question, he has had a cold recently and I noticed that just under his bottom lip he has a little rash (lasted a couple of days then went away) he also had a cough with this cold.  Could he have already had hand, foot and mouth at that point and I just thought it was a cold?

A lady at work told me her kid didn't even notice when he had it - although he did have the spots on his hands and feet.

Any experience? 


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Re: Experience with Hand, Foot and Mouth??

  • My daughter and the two kids I watch had it recently.  They each had high fevers (102.5 for my daughter) for at least a day followed by just feeling blah.  My daughter didn't eat much for about three days (maybe half a slice of plain bread a day) and it was hard to get her to drink. The actual rash/blisters took over a week to fully go away.
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  • My son had HFM in June and it spread around his DC like wildfire(he was the first to have it). He and the rest of the kids were all pretty miserable. I know that it can affect every one differently but to me it sounds like your DS had a cold and not HFM. All of the kids at our DC (including DS) had a very high fever and most had the blisters. My son had them in his mouth & throat, from his toes to news news and from his finger tips to his elbows. He had blisters between his fingers and toes too...

    I'm obviously not a doctor so I cant give you a definite answer but we went through this recently so I just wanted to share our experience! Good luck and I truly hope that your son doesn't get this. It's not fun :(

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  • My DS isn't in daycare but still picked it up somewhere. It was a hard week, and we were told to stay home by our doctor (although they also said most daycares still take them). Here was our experience:
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  • DS2 just got it from daycare -- he was one of the last to get it and I didn't really realize he had it.  He never got the fever.  He had a rash around his mouth, but I honestly thought it was from excessive drooling.  Well, it turns out that drooling was b/c the very back of his throat was full of the sores---POOR GUY!!!  I didn't realize.  He was getting up a lot in the middle of the night--like in pain--but I again thought he was cutting a tooth. 

    He did a few days later get the rash on his hands and actually his legs--but it only stayed for about a day or maybe two.  His daycare was very strict and wouldn't allow him back in until the rash was crusty--despite no fever. 

    I did find out that once you have it--you probably won't get it again.  I also found out that you continue to spread this disease for several weeks after (even months).  And yes--adults can get it too.


  • Doesn't sound like your DS had it (yet).  DD just got this last week at daycare.  I got a call around noon Friday that she was running a fever of 102, so I took her to the dr and he said she had a really raw throat and likely had the virus.  She had a fever for 2 days, didn't eat anything (only wanted cold milk and water), drooled like crazy, and was generally cranky, but no spots.  But on Sunday she woke up with what looked like a heat rash with tiny red bumps up and down her legs, a couple big blisters on her butt, and a couple small pimple-like blisters on her chin & lip, but her fever was gone and she was in a better mood.  By Monday, she had full on blisters on her toes & finger tips, although no fever, chin looked better, no more drool, and she couldn't get enough to eat.  She went back to school yesterday, had been fever free for a couple days, and her toe/finger blisters are pretty much gone.

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  • We are having a similar experience as you.  DS had a tiny rash on his face (very tiny, I thought it was from drool too) and one blister at the corner of his mouth/lips.  No fever, no loss of appetite, no other HFM symptoms at all but I did take him to the dr to see about the blister because I didn't want to expose any other kids at MDO if he was getting HFM.  My dr did think it was viral and there are different viruses that cause HFM so we have kept him out of MDO for a week now.  So either he had a very mild case of it or the blister was caused from his molars coming in (he constantly is chewing on things and drooling). 
  • Thank you for you views/stories.

    It seems there is some variance as to the degree of symptoms.  Some people have told me I'd know for sure, other people have said their kid didn't seem to notice at all.

    I was trying to figure it out to see if I should keep him home from daycare or not.  I think I'll just keep a close eye on him.  As it stands, he has a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and I could also go to his doctor's walk-in hours on Friday if needed.

    I feel bad for all your little babes who have suffered :(

    No one said being a baby was easy

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  • Our daughter had it earlier this summer. She presented with a super bad diaper rash. She got some of the blisters on her fingers and feet, but nothing compared to what was on her butt and thighs. She never had a fever that I was aware of and she never had any mouth or throat sores. I think it took about a week for it all to clear up.

    I ended up with it as well, but I had the throat sores and a fever. It sucked. Big time. My brother-in-law got it even worse than I did. He was covered in blisters and couldn't eat anything other than milkshakes for a few days. He only watched her for an hour one day, too. If your little one does end up with it, be very diligent about washing your hands immediately after diaper changes and continue to do so (as we should, obviously, but sometimes you are in a rush and it doesn't always happen). The virus can continue to spread through feces for months after your child is better.

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  • My son recently had this.  It started with a fever (around 102.5) and no other symptoms other then a red throat.  He tested negative for strep.  A day or 2 later his fever was gone but I noticed some white sores behind his lip and in the back of his throat.  He was obviously hungry and thirsty but as soon as he would drink or eat anything he would cry out in pain.  It was awful.  Luckily he never broke out on his hands and feet and the sores in his mouth only seemed to be painful for a day.  My ped did tell me though that most children contract the virus before the age of 4, but many show little to no symptoms, so it is possible.  If she did have it, consider yourself lucky that it was a very mild case.
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