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Space Saving Freezer Meals?

Can anyone recommend some good freezer meals that don't take up a lot of space?  We have the old, standard fridge with freezer on top and it doesn't allow for a lot of extra space for something big, like say a lasagna.  I know soups/chili can be frozen flat and stacked in freezer bags but drawing a blank beyond that...
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Re: Space Saving Freezer Meals?

  • While chicken chili

    I do mini cheedar meatloaves.  This can be frozen in the 8x10 pan, them transferred to a freezer bag for storing (& replaced in the pan to thaw).

    pasta fagoli soup.

    I pulled a bunch of recipes off pinterest for a Moms Club freezer cooking night.  I had 5 meals that could go freezer to crockpot.

  • I get those foil pans from the grocery store to store casseroles (Tater Tots Casserole is my fave!) in the freezer.  Most soups freeze well, too.  Meatloaves freeze really nicely, no pan needed. Sloppy joes freeze really well in any container or bag. You can also pre-marinate/spice meats and freeze them in bags to cook later.
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