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always has tongue out?

DD is 6 mo's and she has been eating solids for a few weeks no problem.  She sticks her tongue out alot!!! when shes smiling, or playing, or trying to talk...  sounds stupid i know...but nothing to worry about right? i kept reading speech impediment problems. (i know ..i shouldn't be looking at stuff like that, but I am a first time mom so.. LOL)


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Re: always has tongue out?

  • Lol sounds normal to me. At this age, I wouldn't really be too concerned with speech impediments (: My LO sticks his tongue out ALL the time too ha ha he also grunts a lot, like when trying to reach for toys, and smacks his lips, he has also learned how to make some pretty good fart sounds ha ha ha!

    He is going to be 5 1/2 months old next week already, my how the time flies! 

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  • It's definitely just a phase. DD "discovered" her tongue a while ago and would stick it out a bunch. Now she doesn't. Nothing to worry about :)
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  • My LO sticks her tongue out also, but she is teething and she uses her tongue to rub her gums.  She also thinks it is funny when someone else sticks out their tongue and then she copies them.
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  • LO has had her tongue out since day one...
  • My LO was basically born with his tounge out. We didn't have a name for him until a few minutes before we left the hospital so all the nurses called him lizard boy. He's capable of putting it in, but it seems much more comfortable for him to let it hang out. We've gotten many medical opinions on it from a variety of specialists and they all seem to think it's OK. They did not feel it would cause any problems in the long run. His tounge is just really big, that's all there is to it!

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