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For those that are team green...

Do you regret your decision to wait? I only ask because people are driving me crazy with guessing all the time and also insisting I am having a girl. It's fine with me, I don't care what I have but I am beginning to think everyone else does! I mean, what if it's a boy?! Relax people! I already have a boy so I wonder if that has anything to do with it but I think people assume I am dying to have a girl and just keep pounding away at that...anyway, some days I wish I knew so I could confirm it or not so people would stop insisting. Anyone else being hounded?! ok I am done venting. whew!
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Re: For those that are team green...

  • I'm going to pipe in because I was Team Green with our first!! It was the BEST decision ever. We were also Team "Don't Tell" on the name and OMG it was amazing because DH and I got to bond with the guessing and choosing the name!

    People need to relax and it's sad that they hound you!!

    TG was an amazing experience for DH and I. He announced to me that it was a boy. An irreplaceable moment. Seriously. And while I got stitched up we got about an hour to bond with DS.

    Also other bonuses are that you get a lot of gender neutral stuff to use for other kids down the road. AWESOME!

    I found out the sex with this one and while it was a different experience it felt right for our second because I could budget what we could use from DS! :)  

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  • No regrets here. People are annoyed with me for not finding out. They say I'm inconveniencing them.....I just laugh. There is a lot of guessing going on. Seems 50/50 so far. 

    I usually respond with, "as long as this baby is healthy, we are happy."

     Ultimately it's our choice.....and we are good with it! 

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  • I guess I mean more like are you getting annoyed that you don't know so you can shut people up, haha. I was team green with my first too and I wasn't AS annoyed back then. Not sure why I am so sensitive! Oh well. I am happy we are team green, it's totally worth the wait and the excitement!
    4 yr old, new baby born Fall '12 & 2 losses
  • I find that the anticipation is so much worse for other people. DH and I are totally fine with not knowing, we are beyond excited that we don't know actually. I have had friends tell me that the birth is going to be so emotional, how can I add the extra emotion of finding out the sex too? That I find annoying. I didn't tell them that they ruined  the biggest surprise of a lifetime just because its not what I would do!

     One girl I know said she  would just lie and say she knew what the baby was to strangers. When they would approach her and say  "You must be having a girl/boy" she would tell them they were right, or just to be snarky tell them they were wrong. She got a kick out of it and it shuts people up really fast! This obviously only works on strangers...I have yet to try it though.

  • I definitely don't regret not finding out at all.  I'm super excited for the surprise!  But it does get annoying when people keep guessing...especially the ones that tell you they "KNOW" it's gonna be a boy/girl.  And I hate hearing things like, "You're all belly...it's DEFINITELY a boy.  That's exactly how I was carrying with my boy..."  Don't people realize there is no possible way to know the gender unless you've seen the ultrasound?  Plus, everyone is guessing a boy (seriously, all but two people so far!), so I'm hoping for a girl, just to prove all their theories wrong.  haha  So to answer your post...yes, I'm getting annoyed with everyone hounding me!  But I try not to let it get to me too much.  :)
  • I wasn't TG w/ my DS but I am with this LO. I actually didn't want to find out but was going to let my husband know...turns out the baby didn't want us to know anyways b/c legs have been shut tight every u/s. To me it is very exciting and I have a gift card all ready for my mom to go shopping if it's a girl. Don't sweat what other people guess or think this is going to be the best surprise of your life! :)
  • I am glad that we are waiting but I do get frustrated with DH's family on the issue. All of the first born children on his side are males, going back 6 or 7 generations I think. This is our first child and their first grandchild. So his family is convinced that it's a boy. They tell everyone they 'know' it's going to be a boy. It's annoying.

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  • We were Team Green with DD, no regrets here! Loved it!
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  • Having done it both ways with not finding out with our first and then finding out with our second, we decided that we would go  back to not finding out with our third.

    IT was more fun to us to not know, but I know what you mean about other people wanting to know and them not being satisfied with your answer.  I just tell people we like the surprise  of not knowing or we are old fashioned like that.  When people ask "But, how do your PREPARE?!" all freaked out like, I just tell them "The same way people did 30 years ago and beyond."  

    Thankfully most people that are close to us and even older folks are excited and happy that its a surprise. I just wish there was a more  of a short answer to people when they casually ask boy? or girl?  I usually just say "We don't know, we'll find out when the big day comes." 

    As for regretting not finding out...the answer would be no.  After having it both ways, finding out to me was semi anti-climatic.  While we of course anticipated and looked forward to having DD have a little sister and could relax knowing that we had everything including clothes covered for her when she arrived.  I am glad this time that we don't know and look forward to meeting this little bugger who's been kicking me like crazy all the more. ;o)

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  • I'm not team green, but I wanted to be for about a month after finding out I was pregnant.

    My husband's family was all for us/me being team green, but my husband really wanted to know, and he kept talking about how we "needed" to know so we could plan...not sure what "planning" he had in mind; we bought all gender neutral stuff.

    My mom wanted to know and kept hounding me to find out.

    I almost regret finding out! When I found out, I was really sad that now I knew what I was having, I couldn't hold him or kiss him for another few months, and that was a bit agonizing, although, I got over that after a few weeks. Now, I'm just waiting 4 more weeks and it would be excruciating if I knew or not! 

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  • Nope! Wouldn't have it any other way! Everyone has a guess. Eh, they have a 50% chance of being right. Doesn't bother me at all.
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  • I don't regret it at all, I think it's so exciting. I can't wait to have that moment in the delivery room. My experience has been that our families love the suspense, too.
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  • My husband had his hands full convincing me to be team green, but he was dead set on it.  Now, here, near the end, I am so so happy I stuck in there and waited it out!  It allowed me to get things that were completely okay for whichever gender, which I know will help us with babies down the road.  But more then that, I can't wait for that special moment the pp's said about DH announcing the sex, to me, and to his family.  

    I am really annoyed by people's comments (my mother actually keeps telling me that DH and I are being "very selfish") but those comments just make my resolve stronger! 

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  • From another perspective, I actually regret NOT being Team Green. We found out both times and very soon after I wish we hadn't. After DS1, I promised myself I would go Team Green with #2, but couldn't resist finding out. And now I regret finding out AGAIN.

    Really, the only reason I found out both times is b/c I'm an utter control freak. But I think it would be both more exciting AND more mellow to not find out. I definitely am doing Team Green with #3.  I think it will be so exciting to anticipate, but it will also prevent me from getting too control freak with the planning.


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  • we were also team green with #1 ANd also shared no names.  we are team green again this time and plan to do the same thing (thats right i am 35 weeks pregnant..we need some names) haha it was the best ever, our friends are also "mad" at us and say we inconvenience them etc but i wouldn't change a thing
  • I was just telling DH earlier tonight that I am glad we aren't finding out. And funny enough it hasn't bothered me at all. I am a planner and I like to have control over some things, but I think it is pretty exciting to not know. I have had a lot of people say what they think it is going to be and it doesn't really bother me. In fact, at my office we are going to do up something for charity. People can pay for each guess as to what the sex of the baby is, the date/approximate time I deliver and maybe how big the baby is. The person closest will win a prize that I am going to try to get donated and the money will go toward Children's Services Toy Drive in our county. When people ask me what we are going to have and I tell them we aren't finding out, I get a lot of support and people who think that is a great choice. There are some that are upset we haven't found out, but it doesn't bother us.

     I am looking forward to that moment in the delivery room when they announce what the baby is. I think that will be a magical moment.

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