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I'm terrified LO wont nap @

LO is 11 weeks old and goes back to daycare a week from today.  She is a pretty easy baby, only gets really fussy when over tired which I have informed the daycare provider of this.  LO is going to a home daycare with only 4 other toddlers there and she will be the only baby which is great.

What I'm worried about is that DD will refuse to nap there...She naps great at home for me but she has to nap in her swing.  Daycare has a swing there but obviously she will grow out of it relatively soon.   Today for both of her naps so far I've gotten her drowsy and then laid her down in her crib to nap and she woke up within 5 min freaking out.  

She sleeps 8-10 hours at night in her crib so I dont have much to complain about but I just have nightmares about her driving the daycare lady nuts because she wont take naps laying down during the day.  Any tips for me to try this week to get her more used to napping in a crib during the day?   Other than "you shouldnt have let her nap in her swing for 11 weeks" haha...she just naps so well in her swing arg! Thanks in advance!

Re: I'm terrified LO wont nap @

  • Have you tried a Pack N Play or Rock N Play? My DD hate the crib because it was too expansive and she preferred a tighter space. The daycare cribs tend to be smaller so my DD napped there fine. I also think babies get used to new surroundings pretty quickly and what they do at home might be different from what they do at daycare, and vice versa. For instance, my DD would only take bottles at daycare but not at home because home meant BFing. Kids are weird, and most importantly resilient!
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  • I found the opposite when I started my DD at daycare last week.  She napped better at daycare than at home.  Now she's developed a good schedule where she takes little catnaps (20-30 minutes in length) throughout the morning and takes 1 big one in the afternoon from about 1-4.  If your provider doesn't keep a daily log (which many do), maybe ask her to record LO's activities for the first couple days so you'll know if she's getting enough sleep and if her routine needs to be adjusted.


  • My son napped in the swing until 6 months. After that the swing wouldn't work (he was too heavy) so it was crib or nothing. He cried for 5 mins on the day of transition and did fine after that. For now I'd have her use the swing if it works and make the transition once he's adjusted a bit to daycare.
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  • I wouldn't worry too much. Babies adapt to their daily routines, just like adults do. For both of my kids when they first went to daycare, it took a few weeks of adjusting, but then they were sleeping like pros!
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  • I agree with PP. Don't worry about it. Your LO will get into a new routine at daycare and a quality DCP will be able to help her into it.

  • DD started at daycare when she was 12 weeks old, and up until then she only napped in her swing and would refuse to nap in a crib.  I was scared of the same thing, but once she started daycare she started napping in a crib, even at home!  
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