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Circumcision question

Tomorrow LO is getting circumcized and I was wondering what to expect after the procedure.  I've heard the most important thing is keeping Vaseline on the tip and diaper.  Were your babies fussy/in pain afterwards?  Did you give them Tylenol?  Did you go in the room with them during the procedure?
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Re: Circumcision question

  • My son had his done when he was 2 days old. The doctors took him out of the room and he was back in 15 min! He didn't appear to be in any pain once he came back into the room and he didn't need any Tylenol. For about two weeks after we had to keep up with the Vaseline. It was so much better than I thought it would be. Good luck.
  • I agree with the previous post.  No pain, though he may be a little fussier now that he's older.  Put globs and globs of vaseline on it before putting a diaper on and it'll be healed in 2 weeks max.  Warning: It'll look a lot more painful than it is.
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  • we covered it with vaseline and a little piece of gauze. That kept it nice and clean and it healed in under two weeks.

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  • It really does look worse than it is. We were lucky the doctor allowed DH to stay with DS while they did then procedure. He didn't even whimper just kept sucking on his pacifier. He never showed signs of pain or discomfort. Do want to mention if you are instructed to used Vaseline and gauze make sure it doesnt get dried on there. We would put an insane amount on every time. Our pediatrician two days after the procedure said to stop putting either on so we did and it healed nicely.
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  • My son had his done at a day old. Afterwards we had to apply a gauze pad with A&D ointment  over his penis at every diaper change until the incision was healed. They gave him tylenol in the hospital but he was fine after the first day and his fussiness went away.
  • My boy had it at 3 days old, he fussed for a little bit but was fine after. We did the A&D ointment and gauze for 2 weeks and it healed fine.
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  • No Tylenol and no, I wasn't in there. Definitely put Vaseline on his penis, but don't smear it in the diaper. The diaper won't absorb any pee and it will leak like crazy!
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  • image mabenner1:
    No Tylenol and no, I wasn't in there. Definitely put Vaseline on his penis, but don't smear it in the diaper. The diaper won't absorb any pee and it will leak like crazy!

     I wish someone had told me this before. I am a first time mom and assumed that putting some on the diaper (They said no gauze after we left the hospital just vaseline) would help make sure it didn't get too dry. The diapers definitely did leak until we realized it.

    - They gave him Tylenol when it was first done but none after that and he didn't fuss at all.

  • We got LO circumcised before we left the hospital (48hrs after delivery) and it didn't seem to bother him at all he wasn't fussy afterwards and never seemed to be in pain. You definitely want to keep vaseline on it because you don't want it to stick to the diaper, that would cause discomfort. And my dr told me not to mess with it, no tugging the skin down or anything if we thought something was wrong we should just call him
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  • We got our LO done a few weeks ago. not as bad as you might expect. Both my husband and I were in the room and I have to say my LO was so much braver than I would be if I were him. We were told to use Polysporin and to apply lot's and bathe LO 2-3 times a day (now I didn't wipe with the cloth everytime just held him in the tub and poured water over it but it healed so quick.
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