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Anyone else have daycare on site at work? Questions-

My LO starts daycare at the end of this week and then I go back to work next Monday.  For those of you that also have daycare on site at work, how often do you stop in?

Its not in the same building as me, but it's a short walk as long as the weather isn't terrible.  I think I'd like to stop in and give a bottle during the day, but am curious as to what you're all doing?

My office is really casual, so time away from my desk isn't an issue.   

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Re: Anyone else have daycare on site at work? Questions-

  • Mine isn't nearby but the few times I have had a chance to stop in, I didn't (only once when he was really little) because I've always been so afraid that he'd think it was pick up time and freak when I had to go. 

    I'm curious to see if others have done this successfully. Maybe I'm just paranoid. :o

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  • I work at a center and have only had a handful of parents stop in to say hi during the day. My daughter is in the next room over so I do get to see her during the day which is great and I love being able to, but I dont think I would stop in to visit if I didnt work at the center.
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  • My DS was older when I was in your situation-18 mos...but I did stop by once....and it backfired...he freaked out because I left and I felt horrible the rest of the day...
  • I do. DD started daycare at 3 months old and from day 1 until she was 10 months old, I stopped by every single day at lunchtime.  I would feed her and just spend time with her. 

    It became more sporadic after that.  I would stop in a few times a week, and now I don't stop in at all.  She's too clingy at this stage and thinks it's time to go home if I just stop in.  I can't put her through that anymore. 

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  • When my second was a tiny baby, I would stop in whenever I had time, maybe once a week for an hour or so. I would go and peek on my older one, but I wouldn't let him see me. I loved to see him having fun and playing with the other kids.
  • Never. My kid can't handle seeing me in the middle of the day and not getting to leave with me. It's an epic disaster. I've gotten caught in the hallways when they are walking the kids and she has seen me and it has been awful.
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  • My daycare isn't on site but it's about 2 minutes from my office and I have to go right by it on the way to get lunch or run errands so sometimes I'll stop by to check in on DD.  She's really young still so she's usually asleep and she doesn't have separation anxiety yet but I'll stop doing it when she gets to that age :-(

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