Breasts After Delivery

I am a FTM and I had a c-section a week and a half ago.  I was told, and read, that 3-4 days after delivery my milk would come in which would make my breasts sore, full and leak. (We are formula feeding our son).  I have not experienced any of these symptoms.  Does this mean I didn't get milk in and I wouldn't have been able to breast feed anyway? 

Re: Breasts After Delivery

  • Are you leaking at all? Are you wearing a bra 24/7?

    I never had pain or engorgement at all. My milk did leak a bit, but I wore breastpads and a bra 24/7 and I took allegraD to dry up my milk.


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  • I had my baby on Wednesday and I'm super sore and enlarged... I was td to ice them and put cabbae leaves in my bra. I heard it works so I'm doing it!! :
  • hmm thats interesting.  Yeah mine came in at 4 days pp both times.
  • I only leak a tiny bit after I shower.  And yes, I was wearing a bra 24/7 until last night.  Thank You.
  • My milk came in 4 days PP.  I just noticed that I was leaking a little bit. A weighed feeding at the pediatrician's confirmed that my milk had come in.  My breasts have never been sore or full.  When DS has a growth spurt, I have to supplement with about 4 oz of formula a day until my supply catches up.  Other than that, I haven't had any problems with breastfeeding.  (If I were better about pumping after every feeding, I probably wouldn't have to supplement with formula at all.) 

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  • It's possible your milk hasn't come in yet, especially since you're not putting your baby to your breast.  Mine came in on day 5 with my first and I was nursing.  It came in on day 2 this time around.  
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    I only leak a tiny bit after I shower.  And yes, I was wearing a bra 24/7 until last night.  Thank You.

    This is probably why, because you also haven't been trying to express milk at all since you gave birth.

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  • You have to keep on trying.  Either my pumping for putting the baby at the breast.  I had complications with my c section and couldn't pump or feed.  My breast was sore by day 5 then nothing at all by day 6.  By then I was able to sit and feed but nothing will come out.  Not until 24 hours later then I started getting a little bit.  

    If you wait too long nothing will come at all.  My friend and sister in law have that issue.  Nothing came out for my sister in law for both kids.  My friend's baby were taken to the hospital for low blood sugar because she didn't make enough so she quit and went to formula.   

  • I never got engorged or sore when my milk came in with my two daughters and was able to successfully breastfeed both of them.
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  • image nghithy:

    You have to keep on trying.  Either my pumping for putting the baby at the breast.

    lol. Read, much? She's not BFing, nor trying to BF.

    OP, no, it doesn't mean your milk is not there, or will never come, or that you wouldn't have been able to BF. All it means is that you are not sore or engorged. That's cool for you, your body made it easy on you. But it's probably because you haven't been trying to BF.

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  • It doesn't mean you wouldn't have been able to breastfeed because you weren't putting your baby to the breast to stimulate your milk to come in.
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