how much milk does your LOs drink?

I just delivered my twins 5 days ago at 36 weeks (4lbs 15oz and 4 lb 12 oz).  They started out with 10 ml and are now taking 30ml.  I was wondering if you guys can tell me how much yours drink.  My singleton was 7 lbs 5 oz and took down 2 oz right away.  

My breast is swollen but they don't drink enough.  I tried to pump but nothing came out.   

Re: how much milk does your LOs drink?

  • My boys are now 16 days old. I am pumping like a crazy person and have not yet had to give them formula. They started out at about an ounce each but now are up to between 2.5-3 each feeding... my boobs are about to fall off!
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  • Our babies were born @ 36 wks weighing 5lbs and 6lbs 9oz. They wouldn't latch, so they were getting pumped breastmilk and Similac Neosure. I think they started with 15-30mL feedings every 2-3 hours. At one week, our babies still weighed the same as they did they day we left the hospital, so we did feedings every 2 hours for a couple weeks to get their weights up. Then we moved to feedings every 3 hours until they started sleeping 5hrs/night (at ~9 weeks). @ 4 months, we were finally able to switch to every 4 hour feeds, which is down to only 4 feeds/day because they are sleeping great at night now (for the most part)!!

    For feeding volumes, our pedi gave us a general guideline that really worked for us:

    Take baby's weight, divide by 2 and subtract 1 ounce. So, a 7lb baby should eat 2.5 ounces (75mL).

    At 4 months, the pedi said they should be eating 24-32 oz/day. I remember at 2 months, she still said 24 ounces was the minimum that they should be eating.

    Good luck!

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  • My little one had to drink 30 ml to leave the NICU (she was released at 17 days/4lbs4oz, 37w gestational). They took 1-2 oz at a time until about 1 mo adjusted (15-20 oz/day) and peaked at 6 mo at 26 and 32 oz.
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